I have no problems…

I am sitting in my beautiful home and am thinking about all the amazing people I have in my life. Jim and Ilana were over for dinner Saturday night and we talked a lot about how well we are doing. How deeply we appreciate each other. What great vacations we have planned, what great foods we eat, how we have a future for us with more money, more wellbeing, how much we are touched by all the amazing people who feel us so deeply and are building this unlimited life with us.

About a week ago, I heard someone call Jim Strole the most positive person in the world. When I had him over for dinner that evening I could feel Jim’s positivity impact me.

The reason why I have no problems is because I have so many positive people around me. People like Jim Strole. 

But what is positive?

Positive is not that we have nothing bad happen to us, real positivity is how we deal with the good and bad things that happen in our lives. Real positivity is when we use everything we experience to make us stronger. Real positivity is when we really enjoy the good things in our lives and know that they happen to us because it’s who we are and that they are not coincidental. Real positivity is when we have something bad happen (like someone close to us dies, or we loose money, or we get robbed, etc.) and we know we can handle it. Real positivity is when these bad things don’t make us feel like we are bad people.

Bernie and Jim always say that it’s not personal when people treat us poorly. In the past I understood what they were saying but I still felt miserable and kind of responsible for it when something bad happened to me. But the truth is that it’s not personal when someone runs all over me or manipulates me or robs me. It’s not personal at all! The people who treat me poorly are usually very negative people and they act it out with anyone they meet. I just happened to be one of them. In the end it has nothing to do with me and it for sure doesn’t make me a bad person.

There is one lesson I have to learn from these bad situations though! This lesson is that I have to learn how to stay away from bad people. I also have to learn how to get away from them quickly if they do happen to get in my way.

I have no problems, because I have people in my life that are honest and want the best for me in every way. They don’t just wish the best for me but also go out of their way to make it happen every day.

Even though my work comes with a lot of different people from all walks of life and with all kinds of agenda’s, I am getting better to go with the strengths of each person and to stay out of the way of trouble. I feel the better I am getting at staying out of the way of trouble and the better I am doing at taking in all the great things that happen every day, the happier I am.

I simply have no problem. It’s hard to grasp because it means that there is nothing left to fix. I have a lot of time on my hands, now that I no longer worry so much and there is nothing left to fix. Time I can use to do things I really like doing. Things like writing this blog or getting closer to the many people I truly love and care about.



The best super attitude on the planet

A little over a week ago Matt Monarch launched the best superfood on the planet. He said that a little bit of it is so potent that it has the power to cure cancer, arthritis, HIV and protect from Alzheimer Disease. He called it the best superfood ever where nothing like it had ever been seen on the planet. And there were so many clinical studies proofing it that of course I ordered this superfood and can’t wait for it to arrive. Who doesn’t want to try the best superfood ever 🙂

But what’s the best superfood when you have a shitty attitude? It’s been known for a long time that what you think impacts your wellbeing and health. And there is something impacting our health even more than our negative thoughts, it’s all the destructive things we do to ourselves every day.

You are destructive to yourself if you feel you have no future because you are boxed in; or if you don’t allow yourself to feel all of your emotions because they are too scary; or if you push back people who are good to you but choose to hang out with abusive people; or if you see everything and everyone against you all the time; or if you only trust your dog and cat but can’t trust people; or if you feel guilty about having too much fun; or if you think you don’t deserve the best for yourself; or if you are modest and put yourself in second place behind others all the time; or if you can’t accept compliments; or if you feel you have to be loyal to people who treat you poorly because you once made a promise to do so; or if you feel you can’t speak up for yourself or others when you see something around you that’s not right; or if you want to look like a movie star more than wanting to look like yourself; or if you love cereal for breakfast but eat eggs because it’s what your family likes; of if you want to earn millions and you think you will never be good enough to earn them; or if you want to be treated well by your intimate partner but settle for just anyone because you don’t want to be lonely; or if you feel incomplete because you don’t have a boy friend, girl friend, husband or wife; or if you feel depressed when you get what you want because you think it won’t last; or if you can’t laugh out loud because you are too concerned about disturbing others; or if fun is just not part of your day; or if you feel sad or a so called ‘negative’ emotion and you feel wrong for doing it. 

And there is so much more… All these small actions we do every day consciously or unconsciously are self destructive and will cause the very thing we want to heal with the superfood. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against superfoods I love them. But I also know that I will only feel really great, if I stop everything I do that is destructive to my person.

And I haven’t even mentioned the most destructive thing ever. And most people do it. And it’s far more destructive than all the attitudes and actions I mentioned above. And even though there are a lot of white papers and novels and blogs about things we do that are destructive to ourselves and how to stop them, there is not much written about the most destructive thing ever. People do everything they have in their power to avoid feeling the destruction, yet it is so obviously unhealthy. You don’t have to be a doctor or scientist to see it.

So what is it? The most destructive attitude and action ever is that people feel they have to die. No matter how healthy, how much money, how many superfoods, how many spa treatments, how many rich and great relationships, very few have ever questioned the most destructive thought and feeling there is. Which is the thought and feeling that humans have to die.

Think about it… you focus on an area in your body that is not doing well and you visualize it being well. I’ve done it many, many times and it always works. You can get rid of a head-ache in no time with a visualization exercise. It works like a charm. Now think about what you do to your cells if you always give them the message that they have to die some day and that they won’t be able to duplicate and renew any longer. And if you don’t say it out loud, be sure that you are telling it to your cells unconsciously all the time. Don’t fool yourself it’s the most unhealthy attitude there is. It can only be broken by making a conscious decision to not die, to feel physically better all the time and to see no end to the cells.

The afterlife is the most promoted thing by pretty much every religion on this planet, but I think it’s time that we promote the life right here on this planet! It’s the biggest high you’ve ever experienced. Once you start doing it, you will feel the energy boost it give you. You will see it makes you feel phenomenal. It also makes it easy to change the seemingly unending list of destructive things we can do to ourselves. The benefits are huge, start today with your new journey that sees no end for yourself! 

Join us in person or as an online member for one of our People Unlimited events. People Unlimited is the only community on this planet that is dedicated to create a reality right now, right here for people to never see death.

Life can be painful so why would I want it unlimited?

Yesterday, I went to a talk with Matt Monarch. Matt is the owner of the biggest raw food online store in the world. He has been eating totally raw for many years, yet what he was promoting yesterday was not eating totally raw but eating in a way that brings you ultimate health. I like ultimate health, I like a future with no pharmaceutical drugs. I like a future without Alzheimer disease. I like a future without heart disease. I like future without arthritis. I like a future without overweight. I like a future without scoliosis. I like a future that sees no death. I like a future of unending complete wellbeing. Wellbeing far beyond the health we know right now. I feel it is possible to feel actually better and better physically and experience a wellbeing better than anyone ever has. I feel this is my future and I am already living it. I liked Matt’s talk because he is a genius in researching products that make you feel really really good. So I enjoyed his talk and once again walked away with a handful of new products that I can’t wait to try.

Even though I liked Matt’s talk about foods, I liked the last part of his talk even better. It wasn’t about food. It was about spirituality. I  often don’t like it much when people talk about spirituality because they tend to use it as their way to not feel their bodies. To get away from their physicality. To deny it. I don’t like denying my body or other people’s bodies because it is the most destructive thing there is. People do it a lot in may different ways and one of these ways is spirituality and I hate it. Yes, we feel pain and sometimes it might feel that the longer we live the more pain we feel. And yes, we feel very uncomfortable sometimes and yes, this discomfort in our bodies. We feel it in our hearts, veins, muscles, emotions, nervous systems. And yes, it seems like the easiest way out to get as far away from it as possible. But where most people want to get away from the pain in their bodies as quickly as they can, I actually like it. I like it because having pain allows me to see areas that need attention and change and I love that I get loud signals for it.

Back to Matt’s talk…I only stayed for the first part of Matt’s talk about spirituality and I actually liked it. It was totally different from what I had expected. It was actually about the body and not about how to avoid it. What he said was simple. It is about focus. If you feel discomfort in your body or if you have a disease, stare it down. Go to bed early, feel the area in your body where you feel discomfort and stare it down.

Otto asked me at home, so how does this work? I usually have a hard time staring down anything or anyone but there are things that deserve to be stared down – like people who are intimidators. People who are disrespectful and walk all over me deserve to be stared down. People who cheat on me or are dishonest deserve to be stared down. And the same way these people deserve to be stared down, the symptoms in my body that are caused by the emotional stress from being treated poorly deserve to be stared down.

I loved this piece of Matt’s talk and I am enthusiastically going to become an expert in staring down bad things. I love having no end and my future just became better. I know I will always meet people like Matt who make it better. Thanks Matt!

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Someone sat me down and told me the truth…

On Saturday I listened to a radio show. In that show they interviewed a person who had healed a 15 year old boy from a skin disease through hypnotizing him. When trying to do so again later on he was never able to heal anyone with that disease again. After healing the boy the entire medical community had gotten excited because without knowing it he had healed what had been an incurable disease. The experts in that area told him that what he had done with hypnosis had been impossible. When later on asked why he couldn’t repeat the healing, he said that after hearing from experts that it had been impossible to heal this disease something in him changed. He unconsciously had taken it on that it was impossible for him now too.

Today something similar happened to me. But instead of being told I could not do something impossible that I had already done, I was told the opposite. I was told that what had been impossible until now was now possible. I was told I was no longer dying. I was told by an expert and the number one authority in physical immortality BernaDeane that I was not dying. That this was a done deal. And same as the person who had healed the boy felt something change in him after the ‘experts’ had talked to him, I felt I changed as well. I felt I wasn’t dying and that this was real right now. I felt a tingling all over my body, I felt energy I had never felt before and I felt my organs alive and very active.

When driving home later tonight, I tried to wrap my mind around what just had happened. I wanted to explain it so bad. I wanted to grasp it in my mind to make sure I could retain this amazing experience and that it would last forever. But I knew at the same time that it wasn’t a knowledge thing. It was something I could only feel and experience and my mind could never explain it. Never ever. I know this feeling will bring me to new places and there will be many more physically immortal experiences. Experiences of my body not dying, my cells not just rejuvenating but being ongoing without an end far beyond rejuvenation. I feel I will never see death.

What’s wrong with me?

In 1996 I moved to Scottsdale, AZ from Munich, Germany to join BernaDeane and Jim Strole in building a physically immortal community. This physically immortal community is now growing every day and it is called People Unlimited.

When meeting Bernie and Jim in Munich, they talked to a Susanna in me that had been deeply hidden behind different personalities. They talked to a Susanna that truly felt like me. No-one had ever talked to her before. She had been there always but she had been deeply buried behind personalities and right and wrongs. She was so hidden that I didn’t even remember her any more. At the same time I watched them reach many others in the same way.

The best moments in my life are feeling this Susanna that feels so me and so authentic and I get to experience this more and more all the time. The best moments are also when I see other’s get in touch with themselves while moving free from all the images society had taught them to be. It makes me feel so close to them which feels awesome and I know they feel awesome as well.

Bernie and Jim and the People Unlimited community which is growing every day is the best place in the world and I recommend everyone I meet to join as members. At least everyone I meet a little closer. Yet, I have had only very few accept my invitation to check out a People Unlimited event.

Why is that?

What is wrong with me?

I have felt very wrong for loving something so much but not being able to bring the value of what I am experiencing across to others. I meet a lot of people. Really amazing people I really adore and care about. I feel they would benefit from being a People Unlimited member a lot.

So what’s wrong with me not being able to bring my point accross?

I feel there will never be an answer to this question. But in an indirect way there is an answer:

1. I am stopping immediately to feel wrong. Even though it feels wrong that I do not bring a lot of guests to People Unlimited events, it feels even worse to feel wrong about myself in it. Who would want to be invited by a person who feels wrong about themselves to begin with?

2. I need to let go of ‘needing’ to bring people. I do need more people that want to live so all out that they forget seeing death for themselves and others but I don’t ‘need’ to bring guests. I knew this part but for some reason knowing and doing it are two very different things. I really need to let go and just enjoy the people I meet.

3. I need to ensure that I am myself. I need to talk freely about what I feel and enjoy in every way including my unlimited life. I need to tell people how much I truly care about them. I need to just enjoy myself doing it. The truth is that it is a lot of fun talking about unlimited living and it is the biggest joy to admit caring about someone so much that you don’t ever want to be without them. It’s better than a cup of coffee, a piece of chocolate cake, great shoes, a great vacation and as good as a one million dollar bonus (which I haven’t received yet but will some day).

I had to run away quickly…

Yesterday I visited Lois in the assisted living home she lives in right now. When visiting her I looked her in her eyes and I touched her hands and I held her body and felt her aliveness and I felt no age. I felt intense electricity run through her and me when we were touching and I felt no end for both of us in it.

At the same time I saw what it does to you when you are in a place physically where you can’t walk freely, where you can’t go where you want to go spontaneously, where you have to be concerned with all the things that don’t go right with your body. When you are confined to a small room, when you are dependent on the people of the assisted living home to get a shower, who might or might not have the time to do so in a given day. I felt what it meant to have your own imagination as your largest entertainment but you don’t have the strength to participate in the adventures of running around in the world with other people. I felt how it is to have to eat ‘Assisted Living’ food when the Assisted Living facility wants to get more profitable and mostly serves food that has been processed so much that you can’t even recognize what it is you are eating. And for all of it you pay the price of a luxury hotel.

Aging sucks and when leaving Lois I got in my car and I felt I had to run away from aging and death. I felt I had to run away so quickly that I pushed the sports button in my Fiat that makes me feel the extra speed when I hit the gas pedal. It felt good to move so quickly. I didn’t feel I had to get away from Lois – it actually felt great to hold her and to be with her – but I felt I had to run away from aging and death.

It’s easy to feel that we want to run away from old age and death. I see a lot of people feeling it but then at the same time most people don’t think they have a choice and they prepare to be in a nursing home some day. They don’t see that running away from aging and dying can be real. They don’t see that the electricity in their bodies – which is the electricity I felt with Lois – is such an intense force that can take us to a new life together. A life that sees changes but no death.

I am in my 50th and I can feel the downward feeling of the beginning of aging. It feels like a strong voice all over my body that tells me ‘it goes down from here on’, ‘there are things in your body that fall apart and you can never change them and you have to go down with them’.

I say ‘NO’ to these voices and I run away from them quickly.

Running away from death and aging is the best. It leaves me with the excitement of looking toward an unlimited future. It leaves me with an appreciation of my body and an excitement that fires up the electricity in me. It leaves me thankful to the people who I have in my life who will not die and I see them get better and better in every way in their 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th. I have lots of these people around me every day. BernaDeane and Jim Strole are 2 of them and I am thankful for their inspiration every day.

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My dog Kandy is having a crisis

My dog Kandy is laying next to us with her head under the bed. My other dog Gipsy – who we just got from a rescue – is dropping a ball in front of Kandy over and over again teasing her to play but Kandy keeps ignoring Gipsy. Kandy has a lot of energy and loves to play. It can never be too much activity for her. At least this is what Kandy used to be. Now we got Gipsy and Gipsy has actually time to give Kandy just that lots of attention and playtime but Kandy shows Gipsy the cold shoulder.

Otto and I could never play much with Kandy. For the most part of our days we sit in front of our computers or talk on the phone working. We take a couple of minutes here and there to walk or play with Kandy but overall we are really boring as it pertains to Kandy’s needs. Gipsy on the other hand has lots of time and lots of energy to play with Kandy. But now Kandy is showing a completely new side, the side of a grumpy old dog who just doesn’t want to talk to the stupid little kid who dares to interrupt the so well known family life. 

Aren’t we sometimes like that? Aren’t we sometimes bored with our life and wish something new and exciting would happen and when it actually happens we turn our back to it? Because it messes up the well known family life? But mostly it just messes up the boring life we had and for some reason now we don’t like it. It’s pathetic.

I want my boring life messed up with something new and better all the time. I love the new. I want lots of more physically immortal people in my life who don’t just want to rely on family for the real big things in their life but want to rely on me too. I am looking for these people who want to rely on me because I see them unlimited, with no end to their life ever. Because I see them able to have everything they want and more, Because I see that they can be strong, healthy and making lots of money when they are in their 70th, 80th, 90th,and so on – really without any limit. I am not going to be ignoring them because I have already something really good going on. I will not lay around like my dog Kandy making sure Gipsy knows that she is not welcome because Otto and I should only give our attention to her. I will play and enjoy the new exciting experiences I can have with people who want to build this unlimited life with Bernie and Jim, me and many others.

There are so many more great adventures to live and the best one’s will come with people who feel that they don’t have to die and who are physically immortal. I am physically immortal and being physically immortal has very different dynamics. You just don’t get to enjoy just one or two people or have your life evolved around your family. You get to enjoy a whole lot of people with a lot of depth, intensity, enjoyment, intimacy. Who could say no to this kind of a life.

Check us out at PeopleUnlimitedInc.com or even better come to one of our Break-through Events in Scottsdale. It will change your life and will keep changing it forever.


I have a problem…

I have a problem! I have a problem that not very many have. I am on the East coast in Princeton, NJ to see a client. The weather is cold but sunny and beautiful. Lots of trees are in bloom and the grass is getting green. It’s a beautiful spring day. There are lot of problems I could have problems like: People tension at work, too much chaos in our company and too many things I don’t understand and don’t get training for. I have a client who is difficult to manage and seems to be frustrated with everything we do all the time. We never sell enough and what we sell is never big enough. I could loose some weight – this is pretty much always.  These are problems I could have but they are really not problems I am having. Even the biggest client issue I usually manage with the help of others in the best way possible and then I have to let go. In regards to my weight…I learn how to eat better and more complimentary all the time and then I have to let go as well.

Here is the problem I really have. Since I moved to Scottsdale to live in the People Unlimited community, I live in an environment with no problems. I am around Bernie and Jim who have integrity in every way. They are creating together with me and  many others a community that doesn’t have ranks or cliques, where there is no jealousy, where there is no discrimination against age, gender, race, sexual preference, political preferences and pretty much anything else. It’s a community where freedom of expression is not only tolerated but strongly encouraged and a must. Where emotions are welcome and they can never be too tender, too loud, too strong, too honest, too intense.
Bernie and Jim and 200 more people have a genuine interest in me. The really listen to me and feel me. They are genuinely interested in who I am – and I am so different from them. For 18 years now I have not experienced any abuse. Yes, there were abusive moments with Otto for example or with others. Most of the time it’s just because we don’t know better and in the end we all haven’t had the best teachers on living all out when growing up, so it’s expected to hit a bumpy road sometimes. When we have an abusive moment we usually talk freely about the situation, listen to each other, learn from them and become better with each other. And then it’s really not abusive after all.

I truly live in an environment that’s only building, lifting and nourishing to me in ways I couldn’t even imagine. And this environment is created this way by Bernie and Jim and their phenomenal work. And I live in this environment now for 18 year – yeah!! And this is why my problem is so huge. I live in this great environment and sometimes I feel numb to it. I can’t feel how much I am loved. I can’t feel how great I am. I can’t feel how free I can really be, how high I can shoot with what I want for myself and others. Being in an environment that doesn’t know death is like having no problems but being numb to it is a really huge problem.

I am thankful that I am aware of this numbness. I saw so many people walk away from this heavenly life for the most stupid reasons and I believe each person that walked away was numb to how much loved they were. They simply couldn’t let it in. I am thankful that I know there is more for me to let in and much more aliveness for me to feel and I am excited about it. I love my life and I am so thankful to Bernie and Jim for creating an environment without discrimination, without ranks and cliques, without jealousy and competition, without games and without abuse. I never thought this existed but now I am living in the middle of it and I am learning more every day on how to let it in. 

Check us out at PeopleUnlimitedInc.com


I am going through a painful divorce!

I am currently going through a painful divorce. Yesterday I thought I had made it through it emotionally but today the pain started all over again. We feel attracted to each other, we lived a great long love story – in fact it was the first love I can remember ever having. We did go through many adventures together. But now when we meet there is the initial excitement and later only after a couple of minutes of interacting I feel the pain and I know I shouldn’t have gone there.

The divorce I am going through is with chocolate. I’ve had chocolate all my life. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with chili and chocolate with exotic fruits. Every day I had some kind of chocolate. Now it’s over. I see chocolate and it reminds me of all the wonderful tasty chocolate moments I had but when I only have a small taste now it’s just sweet, it no longer has the delicious taste I remember and it drives me crazy.

I don’t like that I am changing into a ‘I can’t tolerate chocolate person’. I am eating more according to what builds my body and according to what gives me energy and this makes me more conscious. I am more and more alert to what foods build my body and what foods don’t. I am becoming a conscious physically immortal person who can’t abuse myself. Not with chocolate, not with unhealthy relationships, not with laziness, not with burning myself out, not with negativity, not with self doubt.. My consciousness to building my body is getting stronger all the time. Sometimes I don’t like it because I don’t want to break my old habits. Becoming this more conscious person is like a real divorce from an old self. I can sense strongly that being divorced is going to be much better but at the same time I can’t let go of the old all the way.

Lucky me, I have Bernie and Jim around me who give me a taste of what it’s like to build my body in every way every day. When I am around them I can feel the higher frequency of me living this real physically immortal life. It’s exhilarating and satisfying. It knows no struggle and pain and divorce is not necessary because we don’t form any relationships with anything that is destructive to begin with. I love my life!!


Breaking the biggest conspiracy in the world – that you have to die…

Today I went to visit my horse Lucky who is boarded by my friend Jo. Jo is very dear to me and on my way home I stopped to talk to her for a little bit while she was cleaning stalls. We started out talking about her break-up with her ex-boyfriend and how this break-up had made her stronger and a better person. I mentioned to her “Imagine you would never die and how you could become better and better without an end – wouldn’t that be amazing!” She liked it but then thought about her grandmother, who is in her 90ies. Her grandmother had had a wonderful happy life and she now doesn’t want it to end but her body is getting weaker and weaker and it seems like there definitely will be an end to her life probably sooner than later. Jo was sad about this and doubted that it was possible that the body could live without an end.

This is what most people feel. They feel that they have to die and that they have no choice about it.

But think about this… no one really never gives us a chance to even think that we have a choice. No one ever teaches us how to build our bodies. No one! We don’t learn how to eat to build our bodies. We don’t learn how to exercise to build our bodies. We don’t learn how to be together and stay together in a way that builds our bodies. We don’t learn how to work in a way that builds our bodies and so on. We don’t learn anything on how to build our bodies ever – period.

Look at eating for an example. Most eating we learn is to soothe our emotions, to survive and to make it through the day. Or we learn how to overeat when we come together for holidays, weddings or birthdays. But definitely we don’t learn how to eat to nourish and build our bodies so that we are healthy and strong.

Then let’s look at exercising. Exercising should make us be stronger and healthier. But in most cases it rather is destructive to our bodies. We learn how to build strength to defend our countries. We learn how to build our bodies to look good for the other sex. Or we learn how to train to win a gold medal in the Olympics. And in the end we get married, get gold medals or win other competitions but our bodies get worn out while doing it. We push ourselves to break limits while going through pain and often injure ourselves while doing it. If we go too far in it we tear our bodies down without return. Yes, no-one really teaches us how to exercise and eat in a way that builds our bodies.

We also never learn how to feel our bodies. In most cases we get taught to be tough and to not feel. And later we can be sick and we only know it when it’s already serious and we have to do complicated tests to find out what’s wrong with us. But if we would have learned how to feel our bodies we would know early on when we have the first symptoms and we could give our doctor direction on where to look instead of the other way around.

And then when growing up no-one seems to be able to teach us anything about a health emotional life. One of the most common emotions around is also the most unhealthy emotion. No-one seems to have a clue on how to get rid of it. One of the most unhealthy emotions is the one we experience with separation from people we care about. Separation makes people loose their heart to live. And no one teaches us when we grow up how to stay together with boosting each others lives and bodies, feeling fulfilled while doing it. The one thing we learn is how to put up rules with each other. These rules then make us feel boxed in and we feel like we can’t breath and intimacy has to come with compromise and sacrifice. And in the end separation seems like the only way out. But while separating we get our hearts broken and we don’t want to live so much anymore. Or we don’t separate but shut down and compromise in the name of love. What a stupid concept. In the end we really need to be able to be together and build each other’s bodies emotionally, physically, and in all ways without any sacrifice and compromise. If we want to be emotionally healthy, we need to be able to do exactly this.

And then finally even if we start building our bodies through exercise, food, wonderful things we treat ourselves with, build each other in intimacies, we still have to overcome guilt. It’s the guilt you feel when you feel really good and it’s so good that you think now it has to end. But the truth is it doesn’t have to end. It’s really just a start on how good you can feel. This guilt has been programmed into us forever.

We wonder why we feel guilty but it’s really no mystery. There is pretty much not even one religion on this planet that wants the body to live. There are thousands of religions that teach many different things but all of them have in common that they don’t want you to treat your body well. They don’t want your body nourished. Especially not just for the sake of being nourished. In fact they usually want you to burn yourself out for a cause. All kinds of causes but you need to sacrifice yourself to make it happen. None of them tells you to treat yourself well first and because you treat yourself well and you build your body a better place is guaranteed for you and the one’s around you.

I asked Jo “Imagine if your grandmother would have been in an environment where she would have been supported to eat in a way that builds her body, to exercise in a way that builds her body, where she wouldn’t have to experience separation from people she cared about. Wouldn’t she be physically in a great shape now in her 90ies and wouldn’t she be able to live for many more years to come?”

I feel it would be the biggest accomplishment for Jo’s grandmother if she would live for many more years to come so that Jo wouldn’t have to experience her loss ever. I feel it is the biggest accomplishment if the body is well and healthy and strong and vibrant and with a lot of soul and passion and with no end in sight. I feel this is what religions should teach. 

I want to live in a world where people come together to build each other. Where people give up their religion, their political party, their race because they find it more important to build one another.

The wonderful thing is that I don’t have to wait for this world. I am already living right in the middle of it. Bernie and Jim are creating it every day. And now I am co-creating it with them. The best thing I could ever wish for myself when growing up is co-creating a world for myself and others where we don’t have to die. It’s the best adventure ever. Come and co-create this unlimited life with us. Check us out at PeopleUnlimitedInc.com