A complete new approach to an ideal job…

I need a new job for a long time now or I need something completely different in the one I have. I love my job but there are a lot of areas I feel stuck in. I feel I have to bend who I am in many situations and wiggle myself through the day-to-day politics of my company. The thinking about how to do my job without stepping on someone else’s feet or hurting their feelings is taking up more time than actually doing the work for my clients. I love being all out everywhere and this includes my work. I love being intense at work and I love when my intensity brings me to new places and makes me grow personally and financially. I love making money and I love making lots of it. I love getting better and larger in what I do. I love having happier clients who buy more from our company and making the company more money and making me more money. I feel depressed and anxious and stuck when I don’t have this growth. I’ve been asked to step back from several areas at my current job and I’ve seen things go in the wrong direction because of it and it’s been frustrating.

All of this translates into anxiety. I started to feel stressed and overwhelmed in situations that I am usually relaxed in. I started to have anxiety attacks when boarding the airplane to go see my clients. I am usually always nervous when flying but the anxiety now was getting out of hand. My thoughts are racing, I am afraid I forget something essential like my wallet over and over again.

When going into the office in the morning I usually start out happy because I am having such a wonderful life and then I get closer to the office and I start having the racing thoughts and worries about things I have absolutely no control over. When driving home from work I am having a hard time breathing. It’s like all my muscles are tense and I have to force the air into my lungs instead of it just flowing freely.

I know something is wrong and something needs to change…

I started to look around and to review job posting. The more job postings I reviewed the more I knew I was looking for the right people environment rather than a perfect list of items I would be responsible for. I was looking for a people environment where I was boosted and cheered on in what I do best instead of being asked to step back.

When looking at these job postings it seemed impossible to find.

I am looking for my ideal job and the things I want in this ideal job are things I have never seen on anyone’s job wish list before. I feel my ideal job needs to build my body instead of tearing me down. The most important in my ideal Job is that it boosts me to physically thrive. It needs to be a job that doesn’t burn me out and doesn’t give me pains in my body. Pains such as back pain, sleeplessness, inflamed wrists from too much typing, Exhausted eyes from staring at my computer screen for hours and hours in the day without taking breaks.

It felt good to think about what I really wanted.

So what made it on my wish list for my dream job?

– A job where my blood flows freely through my arteries without any restrictions making sure all my cells get all the nutrients they need to be all out in the work I do.
– A job where I feel no restriction in my lungs. Where I naturally inhale air deeply and can exhale to let it all out again without feeling any tension to ensure my cells get all the oxygen they need so I can be sharp, clear and efficient and so that I can make the right decision quickly when required.
– A job that pays me well so that I can replenish.
– A job that’s stimulating so that I can grow new neuro-pathways and let go of others no longer needed.
– A job where my muscles can get tense when they have to do the work and then relax again when moving on to something different.
– A job where my nervous system is healthy and knows when to be on and when to relax as well. Where my neurons know when to pass on information in my brain and when to block it so that I can be most efficient.
– A job where I am wide awake in the morning ready to be active and move mountains after a good night’s sleep.
– A job where I build financial health so I can easily spend money on building myself.
– A job where I make more and more money that I can spend on building a world where people thrive and have no end instead of being burned out and deteriorate.
– A job where I can make more and more money so that I can invest more and more in People Unlimited and Bernie and Jim who are leaders in building a world without death. They build a world where a job like the one I am looking for is possible and I need to pay them well for it.


The pro’s and con’s of being in your 50s

I am 3 years into my 50th now and it has been an adventure. In my 40th I thought my life was on a great track and that I was set-up well for all the years to come. But then the 50th hit and it all changed. I had heard about midlife crisis and never understood why people experienced it. This is the kind of ignorance I had all the way up to my 50th. For example I couldn’t see why people in their 50th all of a sudden don’t wear bikinis any longer or they completely discard of tank tops and short sleeve t-shirts to only wear long sleeve clothing. My aunt was the first person I met who, when she hit her 50’s, insistent that her arms did no longer have the look that they deserved to be displayed in public. I couldn’t imagine what could be so ugly about the arms that they no longer deserved to be seen but I could never find out because I couldn’t see them any longer. Pretty much up to my 50th I had absolutely no sense for what it means when your body starts changing and you feel like you have no control over it.

Everything changes so quickly and so irreversibly that it can scare the hell out of you. All the feelings of being set-up well in my 40th went right out of the window when I started to gain weight and even when I lowered my daily calories I kept gaining it. When my doctor started to look at my annual check-up for the signs of loss in bone density, cancer and high cholesterol and blood pressure and anything that was only off a little bit was now a sign of a fatal disease. High blood pressure was now the sign for a future stroke, an extra dense area in my breast on my mammogram was the sign of breast cancer and I would play with my life if I wouldn’t get a biopsy. His communication to me was clear ‘You are now in your 50th and your final days are numbered and high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer will be part of it.’ Now I understand, just going to the doctor can be enough reason to be in a mid-life crisis in your 50th. The outlook they have for you is depressing.

So here is the good news about being in my 50th: I get to stand out from the crowd. I’ve been around long enough to kind of know what is bullshit and what is real and I can make my own choices. I no longer have to follow along with the simple way of life and what society has laid out for me.

When my doctor told me I needed to have a biopsy for a 2 mm high density area in my breast, I did a lot of research and didn’t just go with it. I felt it was a too aggressive approach getting my breast cut open and having a piece of metal put in to mark a spot that they just couldn’t evaluate in the mammogram and ultra sound because it was too dense. I decided to wait for 6 months, get another ultra sound and if something really dangerous like cancer was going on in that area I would see it immediately. I personally don’t feel it but it’s always good to know for sure. I started to do some research around hormones and worked on balancing them and changed not my calorie intake but the quality of foods I eat and started to lose weight pretty much immediately.

It’s glorious when you can beat the statistics and you feel really good when you should be in the middle of your midlife crisis. It’s an exhilarating feeling when you feel great physically when you should be depressed about the unavoidable decaying of yourself. It’s one of the best feelings when you go a different way.

I am going to go to Costa Rica this summer and it’s going to be hot there and I will take the risk of displaying my entire body in a bikini. I will enjoy looking at my curves and body when I am walking along the beach and when I am sun bathing next to the pool. I can’t wait. It will feel great.

I love my life. It feels great. I know I wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for the constant inspiration of Bernadeane and Jim Strole. They stimulate me every day with living a life that is going up and up and up in the most phenomenal way. Bernie has been around for well over 70 years and Jim for well over 60 years and I see them doing better physically now than ever. I know I will be with them when they are in their hundreds and they will be better then compared to now. What inspires me most is how real they are with what’s going on with them. They are real with their emotions, with the test results they receive from doctors and most of all with how they feel their own bodies and they take action to build themselves better all the time. I’ve learned a lot from them. They teach something no one teaches. They teach a way of life that has no end and it’s so much fun and joy to live that way. I only recommend it.

Money well spent…

Everyone around me knows: I like to spend money. I like making money and I like spending it. I like spending it on clothing, furniture, my horse and riding, my dogs, Otto, vacations. Lately I have discovered supplements or so called superfoods. They make me feel high and I love spending money on them. I just like all the things that are pleasurable and it feels great to spend money on these things. Feeling good makes me want to feel better and feeling better makes me want to feel even better. It’s an upward spiral.

But none of it would give me the pleasure I am experiencing, if I wouldn’t know where my deepest pleasure comes from. If I wouldn’t appreciate myself I wouldn’t find any fun in spending money on myself. If people in my life would only like me for the roles I play, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy spending money on myself.

I am privileged because I found people for whom I am the most precious in their lives. And these are people who are not my family or life partner. It’s Bernadeane and Jim Strole. Bernie and Jim let me feel every day how much they appreciate me and how important I am to them. I am more precious to them than anything else. And they are the most precious to me as well. 

Being valued so highly and valuing Bernie and Jim so much gives me all the reasons to feel good. It gives me the desire to spend money for my personal pleasure, enjoyment and fun.

The best and most important money I spend is my monthly payment for Bernie and Jim who are the owners of People Unlimited.

I get depressed when I don’t see an increase in my payment. Bernie and Jim get better at what they do all the time and it only feels right if I pay them more as well.

Lots of people dream of a bigger house and a bigger car and a better vacation or a vacation at all. I want that too but my biggest desire is to pay Bernie and Jim more. It just makes me feel good to pay for the large value I receive from them. It is having a community where people feel so valuable and worthy that they no longer feel it is inevitable to die. Bernie and Jim are geniuses in their work. They actually bring out in people the ability to look and feel better with every year instead of breaking down and aging. I get to be with so many amazing people in their teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and soon 100’s who are so interesting, loving, true, passionate, inspiring. I only get to enjoy them because of the amazing work Bernie and Jim do. It’s more than a dream come true. It’s actually living a life that no longer needs dreams.

There is one change I have to make and I don’t want to make it…

There is one area where I haven’t been able to change. It’s an area that I have been inspired to change many times but I haven’t done it. I simply don’t do it. I know it’s the right thing to do. It feels good. I see other’s do it and it works phenomenally for them. But myself – no – I just haven’t done that change. I ask myself why but it really doesn’t matter why. I just don’t do it. I get lots of reminders every single week mostly from Bernadeane and Jim Strole why it is important even essential to make that change but still I don’t do it.

It is about my weight again. But it really isn’t just the weight it’s goes far beyond that.

So here it is…when I look at myself in the mirror I see the couple of pounds that I have too much right now and I am angry at my body for having those pounds. I literally bitch at myself for it and I am not generally a bitchy person.

What I am completely not doing is acknowledging myself for how quickly I am changing physically when I make a change in the way I eat or the way I exercise or when I do colon hydrotherapy. It never fails, I eat better and I look better. I exercise more and I look better. I clean out my colon or liver or any other organ and I look better. It happens instantly. My skins looks better, I am trimmer, my organs work better and more efficiently. It makes me happy. Every single cell of me responds so quickly. It’s miraculous. But I don’t give my organs and muscles and bones and skin any praise when they change to the better. Yes, when they work hard to get rid of the extra fat, I give my organs 0 recognition. Absolutely none.

But I am really quick in blaming my organs when I gain weight. And it’s really not the organs who are doing something wrong, it’s my actions. I overeat because I am so emotional over something. I eat the wrong things that make my colon upset. I skip meals that make me starve and it slows down my metabolism. But even though they have done nothing wrong I am blaming my organs for not working properly and putting weight back on. And all along it’s been my actions and my organs are just like slaves having to deal with it. This is something I have been doing for a very long time.

I know it’s wrong and I still haven’t changed it. It’s pathetic.

I feel like a company owner who blames their employees for not bringing in the $’s or not working as profitable as they would like but never looking at themselves considering where they have missed it in managing their company to begin with. It’s pathetic and I am that pathetic as well.

Well, it looks like it’s time to make the change. At least I can start with being honest about what is responsible for my weight gain and it’s definitely not my organs. They deserve a lot of praise. So I will not blame them any longer for something they have no choice in. I will actually take their advice once in a while and listen to what they tell me in regards to what makes their life easier. Why not have my actions work for them and stop working against them.

Find more interesting people like me who are not aging and dying and are building themselves and each other better all the time. Join us at a People Unlimited event in Scottsdale or become an out of town member and stream with us. Check us out at PeopleUnlimitedInc.com. Living without an end is great and I recommend it. Your organs will be happy if you go for it. They love when you see no end for them.

They’ve got it wrong

Friday night I drove to the People Unlimited event and listened to National Public Radio. As always, I can’t remember the specific show I was listening to nor the people it was about but I remember the topic. They discussed music. One of the question that was discussed was: ‘From an evolution point of view, why was music created?’ or ‘Why did human beings create music to begin with? Was it needed for survival?’

After looking at this questions from various angles, science came up with their answer. Their answer was that it was in fact not needed for survival. And that music had been created for one reason only and that reason was pleasure.

Here is the interesting thing…many composers and musicians didn’t like the scientists’ findings. They didn’t like that their life work’s meaning was to create pleasure. For some reason it made them feel angry and devaluated.

Here is where they got it wrong: Pleasure is the most important and essential thing. I don’t see any work that could be more important than creating pleasure and wellbeing. There can never be enough of it for anyone and there should be much more of it no matter how much pleasure we already experience in our day-to-day living.

I find it pleasurable to wake-up in the morning and talk to Otto about our unlimited life. It’s pleasure to see the sun come into my bedroom. It’s my pleasure to go to work. It’s pleasurable to eat. It is pleasurable to face a challenge and master it. It is my pleasure to be alive, to feel my heart beat, to breath in air and feel my lungs fill up with it. It’s pleasurable to interact with the people I work with every day. And there is so much more…

I personally feel that creating ‘pleasure’ for another person has saved lives, has ended wars, has made people want to live longer. Making someone feel good is the most meaningful work there is. Yes, we can have money that buys us the best nutrition and gives us a luxurious roof over our head, but if we don’t feel well it means nothing. Making another person feel that their life is pure pleasure is the most important work someone could do.

And this is where Bernadeane and Jim Strole are experts. And this is why for me they are the people who do the most important work there is. They cause people to feel good about who they are. They cause people to begin feeling the value of themselves. Religion and the family structure always put a system and a right way to be as the most important thing to achieve. At work we have to achieve goals to proof our value. But nowhere we are valuable just for the unique and powerful people we are. Powerful and irreplaceable.

Bernie and Jim are the reason why my life is now pure pleasure. Like many composers and musicians have lifted my spirits with their music, Bernie and Jim have given me the best pleasure of all. They have transformed my life and they keep transforming it. And at the same time I feel I am transforming theirs. Where before my life was full of right and wrongs, it is now like a symphony of instruments playing together and producing the most beautiful sound for me and others to enjoy. It’s the music of the cells of my body who are vibrating with Bernie and Jim’s like musicians who play together and create the most beautiful sound there is. The sound of a person and a body who has no end.

Join us at a people unlimited event or check us out at PeopleUnlimitedInc.com

I learned something unexpected today!

Today I learned something new. It was unexpected. Once I learned it, I felt I should have always known it. Once I learned it, it felt familiar. But still I had never heard of it and I had never seen it or I had never thought about it. Otto – who is a Genius Coach – always says genius is simple and a short cut and what I learned today was simple and a short cut and genius.

What I learned today I learned from BernaDeane.

During our People Unlimited event, Bernie talked about an experience she had early on in her life.

Bernie talked about being engaged to a man whom she had dated for several years. She had gotten engaged, not because she felt he was the right man for her but because she felt he was a good man. Then she met a person who swept her of her feet and she broke her engagement.

She knows the marriage would have been disastrous for them both and she needed not to follow through with it. At the same time this break-up caused her to have a nervous break-down. She felt how much she had hurt this man that she couldn’t take it. She knew she couldn’t hurt another person like that ever again. She also knew that she couldn’t be with anyone for a while. She had to dig deeper into herself to have an experience as to what it would take to be with someone and be true, inspiring, full of soul, passionate and most of all to create a togetherness that is building, forever and without the hurt of separation. This is a togehterness that is not very common in this world and yet it should be the world all of us should live in.

So what is it that I learned from Bernie today? I had experienced break-ups from a couple of men I really loved. I really loved these men and when they broke-up with me, I cried for a long time. What broke my heart wasn’t the break-up, it was the coldness they treated me with. I looked them up on the internet just a couple of weeks ago. They had become somewhat famous as artists or musicians and they looked serious and shut down. There was no soul in their eyes. I couldn’t see any passion and I could not see the spark they had had when I dated them. I am happy they have broken up with me because I could have never found the amazing life I am living now in the People Unlimited community if we would have stayed together.

Listening to Bernie today, taught me how to feel people deeper. It taught me how to love them, care for them, be passionate about them, adore them, be close to them without ever having to hurt them. It’s a life without hurting each other that is forever changing and unfolding and building. It does not need a marriage license or a blessing from a pastor but it needs the conscience of really feeling each other. Not the image of each other but really feeling each other bodies.  

I love Bernie so much and I adore her so much for the deep caring person she is. I adore her for the stand she takes for human interaction that is building. She shows me how to live the life I always wanted. It’s not a life where the 10 commandments give me guidelines on how to live. It’s a life where my own conscience guides me to a higher life. It’s a life that feels religious but knows no god. It’s a life that feels spiritual but doesn’t care about the universe. It’s a life that is full of joy but it does not come from the many pretty things I buy every day. It’s a life where the joy comes from the people around me. People like Bernie who care about me so much, who live so free, who are closer to me than any man I’ve ever been with.


I am going through a painful divorce!

I am currently going through a painful divorce. Yesterday I thought I had made it through it emotionally but today the pain started all over again. We feel attracted to each other, we lived a great long love story – in fact it was the first love I can remember ever having. We did go through many adventures together. But now when we meet there is the initial excitement and later only after a couple of minutes of interacting I feel the pain and I know I shouldn’t have gone there.

The divorce I am going through is with chocolate. I’ve had chocolate all my life. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with chili and chocolate with exotic fruits. Every day I had some kind of chocolate. Now it’s over. I see chocolate and it reminds me of all the wonderful tasty chocolate moments I had but when I only have a small taste now it’s just sweet, it no longer has the delicious taste I remember and it drives me crazy.

I don’t like that I am changing into a ‘I can’t tolerate chocolate person’. I am eating more according to what builds my body and according to what gives me energy and this makes me more conscious. I am more and more alert to what foods build my body and what foods don’t. I am becoming a conscious physically immortal person who can’t abuse myself. Not with chocolate, not with unhealthy relationships, not with laziness, not with burning myself out, not with negativity, not with self doubt.. My consciousness to building my body is getting stronger all the time. Sometimes I don’t like it because I don’t want to break my old habits. Becoming this more conscious person is like a real divorce from an old self. I can sense strongly that being divorced is going to be much better but at the same time I can’t let go of the old all the way.

Lucky me, I have Bernie and Jim around me who give me a taste of what it’s like to build my body in every way every day. When I am around them I can feel the higher frequency of me living this real physically immortal life. It’s exhilarating and satisfying. It knows no struggle and pain and divorce is not necessary because we don’t form any relationships with anything that is destructive to begin with. I love my life!!


Living unlimited again today!

Today was a long intense working day with mostly things to do that were uncomfortable for me. I prepared a complex analysis in Excel with having to integrate various reports from different sources making sure the end report could be easily understood by the end user. I also prepared a draft of a presentation for Sr. management with content I am not so familiar with. Even though I don’t like uncomfortable tasks very much I also like them at the same time. I find when I have nothing to do that’s uncomfortable, I get easily bored. I find myself thinking about issues that are really not an issue at all or I start day dreaming not being very efficient. I now decided that I will look for more situations that are uncomfortable for me. Imagine how much I could accomplish if I would no longer look for being comfortable? Why not find out?

Bernie and Jim are often uncomfortable for me. They have the skill to put themselves in new and often uncomfortably expanding situations and by doing so right in front of my eyes I feel uncomfortable. I learned that just relaxing into the experience makes it actually adventurously enjoyable and alive. I am taking this now on and will apply it to my work and from today on I will relax more into my uncomfortable work situations.

Most people I know want me to be a certain way. When I grew up my mom and dad wanted me to believe in the same things they did. They wanted me to be tolerant with others, they wanted me to like art and Jazz music and they wanted me to put the family first. In school my teachers wanted me to understand the subjects they taught the same way they did. Very few of them encouraged creative thinking or that we came with our own views and answers. Most people who live in the same social structures want you to feel the same. E.g. people who believe in God want you to believe in God as well or people who don’t believe in God, want you to not believe in God just like them. Or people who like abstract art seldom hang out with people who like traditional art. In the past 53 years I spend a lot of time figuring out how the people I liked wanted me to be. Very often I used all my IQ to understand what they wanted and then I did the best to be like that. With 53 years doing my best I didn’t become better at it. Often I thought so much about how to be when around others that I completely froze and couldn’t say or do anything. People thought I was arrogant, shy or bored when around them. They never thought that I just tried so hard to do the right thing which made me feel so overwhelmed that I looked arrogant, bored or shy. When really I was just making things far too hard for myself.

I am glad that I found 2 people who I like very much – Jim Strole and Bernadeane – who are telling me in their very unique and different way, for over 20 years now, at least 2 times a week, that I am great and needed in my own unique way. And that there is no need to be like others especially not like them. This has been the best experience for me. For over 20 years now I am encouraged to feel myself, to say freely what I feel even if it is very different from what everyone else feels. This has given me the opportunity to experience an intimacy with others that I didn’t know possible. Bernie and Jim have become some of the people I am the most intimate with mostly because we dare to be ourselves and don’t try to make each other what we are not. I have so much every day intimacy with Otto – my boy friend and intimate partner for nearly 20 years now. I am so rich with being so personal now with most people I meet. Overall I learned how to enjoy myself and others especially because we are not the same. 

Now I want to encourage others to be all out with who they are. To dare to feel everything even if it’s different than their parents, boy friend, husband, wife, friends, collegues, etc.. For me it’s now the most exciting to be around people who feel freely who they are and who can freely express it. It makes people so interesting when they are themselves, so valuable! So fun to be with!

Living Unlimited – My everyday life adventure – 3

For the past years I am doing stretching exercises most of my days because I have lower back issues since I am 15. These stretches used to keep me going. Not perfectly but without pain. The reason why I say ‘not perfectly’ is: no matter if I saw the chiropractor, did my stretches or got massages, my back was stiff and often at the verge of hurting. In the past couple of months I started to get really frustrated and thought now I am really aging and the physical immortality is just a fantasy after all. This is basically the most common belief I’ve encountered in the past 25 years. Pretty much from when I started out telling people I am physically immortal and I am not going to die and they don’t have to die either, most people told me that this was not real and just a fantasy. But I am so glad I have my People Unlimited community that inspires me literally 2 times a week to not go with these so depressingly limited believes that are so programmed in me and everyone around me.

On my last business trip – tired and a little worn out from so much tension at my client – I was watching TV late at night and came across an infomercial that seemed so perfect so I had to make the purchase. I purchased a 10-minute trainer program. I thought no matter how many to-do items I have on my list, I can spare 10 minutes a day – for perhaps 5 days a week and do the program. I received the set of DVD’s a couple of weeks ago and started with my 10 minute exercises. Lucky me lots of them strengthen and move the core and lower back area intensely. So I noticed that my lower back is more relaxed and my range of movement is getting better again. This is exciting!!! No aging after all – just the necessity to change 30 year long habits!!! This is actual very common sense. How can we expect to be fit and flexible and completely agile when we sit all day, do the same exercise routine and maintain the same patterns every day. Kids do new things all the time and they need to. If they don’t explore they don’t advance so why should this be different when you are in your 50th?