Living Unlimited – My everyday life adventure – 3

For the past years I am doing stretching exercises most of my days because I have lower back issues since I am 15. These stretches used to keep me going. Not perfectly but without pain. The reason why I say ‘not perfectly’ is: no matter if I saw the chiropractor, did my stretches or got massages, my back was stiff and often at the verge of hurting. In the past couple of months I started to get really frustrated and thought now I am really aging and the physical immortality is just a fantasy after all. This is basically the most common belief I’ve encountered in the past 25 years. Pretty much from when I started out telling people I am physically immortal and I am not going to die and they don’t have to die either, most people told me that this was not real and just a fantasy. But I am so glad I have my People Unlimited community that inspires me literally 2 times a week to not go with these so depressingly limited believes that are so programmed in me and everyone around me.

On my last business trip – tired and a little worn out from so much tension at my client – I was watching TV late at night and came across an infomercial that seemed so perfect so I had to make the purchase. I purchased a 10-minute trainer program. I thought no matter how many to-do items I have on my list, I can spare 10 minutes a day – for perhaps 5 days a week and do the program. I received the set of DVD’s a couple of weeks ago and started with my 10 minute exercises. Lucky me lots of them strengthen and move the core and lower back area intensely. So I noticed that my lower back is more relaxed and my range of movement is getting better again. This is exciting!!! No aging after all – just the necessity to change 30 year long habits!!! This is actual very common sense. How can we expect to be fit and flexible and completely agile when we sit all day, do the same exercise routine and maintain the same patterns every day. Kids do new things all the time and they need to. If they don’t explore they don’t advance so why should this be different when you are in your 50th?


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