Live Unlimited – Don’t Die – My every day adventure – 2

Being physically immortal means to me today that not everything I feel about myself is true. I work in a corporate job and – as most people do – many times I don’t agree with how others approach a certain project, or I have 100 more things on my to-do list as I can address in a given day, or I want to have things go different. Often I work out problems in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. When I meet with my People Unlimited friends I tell them that I am stressed out a lot and this is a topic pretty much every time I see them. I ask them how they are handling stress wanting some clues on how to calm down a little in my crazy work life.

I recently got my hormone’s checked and part of the test they checked my adrenals. And interestingly the results were perfect. My doctor even gave me an A+ for my results and mentioned that she rarely sees this. The line was exactly in the middle of the green. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I definitely thought my adrenals would be burnt considering my intense work life. But after all it just seems that I have a very healthy range of feelings and I am doing great after all. I find that when it comes down to my body I am most of the time more healthy than I think. I see Jim Strole in his 60th and Bernadeane in her 70th and see so much aliveness, vibrancy and health and they just solidify the seemingly impossible feeling I have that it’s in facts real that I don’t have an end to my life. I feel it’s real but sometimes to get confirmation is great.


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