Live Unlimited and Don’t Die – the every day adventure of my life – 1

Here I am in the middle of my 50th and living a life that has no end. What does this mean? For me it means that I am living a life right now that has no end. No end meaning no end to my body. It doesn’t mean that I will stay the same all the time. I am going to change physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually in many, many ways but I will never be re-incarnated in a new body after I’ve been dead, buried and gone.

It’s quiet an adventure and I am going to share the next 365 days with you.  Every day is interesting in my unlimited life and you are going to hear about it.

It might seem weird to you that I don’t see an end to me living. I am lucky that I found Bernadeane and Jim Strole to live this unlimited life with. I aim also lucky that Jim and Bernie were so genius to create  – People Unlimited – a community of people who don’t see an end to each other and who inspire each other to live better every day. It’s the most exiting feeling to never die but if I would be the only one it would be unimaginably lonely. So, lucky me that I found the People Unlimited community where every member is co-creating this adventure. We are all engaged and active in different unique ways to bring about this life without an end to our bodies. Thank you Bernie and Jim for being such geniuses in creating this community. It’s so much needed. So check us all out at


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