Living unlimited again today!

Today was a long intense working day with mostly things to do that were uncomfortable for me. I prepared a complex analysis in Excel with having to integrate various reports from different sources making sure the end report could be easily understood by the end user. I also prepared a draft of a presentation for Sr. management with content I am not so familiar with. Even though I don’t like uncomfortable tasks very much I also like them at the same time. I find when I have nothing to do that’s uncomfortable, I get easily bored. I find myself thinking about issues that are really not an issue at all or I start day dreaming not being very efficient. I now decided that I will look for more situations that are uncomfortable for me. Imagine how much I could accomplish if I would no longer look for being comfortable? Why not find out?

Bernie and Jim are often uncomfortable for me. They have the skill to put themselves in new and often uncomfortably expanding situations and by doing so right in front of my eyes I feel uncomfortable. I learned that just relaxing into the experience makes it actually adventurously enjoyable and alive. I am taking this now on and will apply it to my work and from today on I will relax more into my uncomfortable work situations.


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