Having fun makes me feel unlimited and I see no end to my life ever…

I had so much fun tonight!! I went out for Happy Hour with Otto and Cheryl. Otto is my boyfriend and Cheryl is another person who feels no end to her life.I met both of them at People Unlimited. It’s so fun to spend time with people who feel no end to my life or to  their life. I wish there would be thousands more who feel that way.  Wouldn’t it be great if you would never have to see your Mom die or your Dad? Wouldn’t it be great if you would meet people who you like and it never ends? In fact it only gets better? This is the life I am living right now with Otto and Cheryl. I know Otto for about  25 years now and we are intimate partners for close to 20 years.  I feel closer, more intimate, happier with him now then ever. I know Cheryl for several years as well. We’ve both been changing a lot since we met for the first time but instead of going different ways with our changes, we are actually getting closer. The closer I get to people and the more people I get closer to, the happier I am. And I am really happy right now because I feel close to so many. I also feel I will meet so many more people who will go on this wonderful adventure with me, always changing with no end ever. Sounds like paradise for me. I am so thankful to Bernadeane and Jim Strole who have created an environment that inspires us to overcome our egos so we can get closer all the time and take away all limits between each other. The most exciting adventure I can imagine..


2 thoughts on “Having fun makes me feel unlimited and I see no end to my life ever…

  1. This is very inspiring to see how the daily happenings take on such a rich and deep meaning for you.Once you deeply appreciate other unlimited people you take on a much higher feeling for your own value.Keep writing, Susanna!!! I enjoy you every day of my unlimited life!!!!


  2. Good work, Susanna. I like the way your life and personality are unfolding. The blog form is great for that kind of expression.

    The way you mention People Unlimited is great. If you could do that with a link to http://www.peoopleunlimitedinc.com, it would be even better.

    So that your blog gets more readers, I think you should share it among groups that would be interested, like working women, for example. There are probably a bunch of those on FB or LinkedIn.

    Nice job!



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