I learned something unexpected today!

Today I learned something new. It was unexpected. Once I learned it, I felt I should have always known it. Once I learned it, it felt familiar. But still I had never heard of it and I had never seen it or I had never thought about it. Otto – who is a Genius Coach – always says genius is simple and a short cut and what I learned today was simple and a short cut and genius.

What I learned today I learned from BernaDeane.

During our People Unlimited event, Bernie talked about an experience she had early on in her life.

Bernie talked about being engaged to a man whom she had dated for several years. She had gotten engaged, not because she felt he was the right man for her but because she felt he was a good man. Then she met a person who swept her of her feet and she broke her engagement.

She knows the marriage would have been disastrous for them both and she needed not to follow through with it. At the same time this break-up caused her to have a nervous break-down. She felt how much she had hurt this man that she couldn’t take it. She knew she couldn’t hurt another person like that ever again. She also knew that she couldn’t be with anyone for a while. She had to dig deeper into herself to have an experience as to what it would take to be with someone and be true, inspiring, full of soul, passionate and most of all to create a togetherness that is building, forever and without the hurt of separation. This is a togehterness that is not very common in this world and yet it should be the world all of us should live in.

So what is it that I learned from Bernie today? I had experienced break-ups from a couple of men I really loved. I really loved these men and when they broke-up with me, I cried for a long time. What broke my heart wasn’t the break-up, it was the coldness they treated me with. I looked them up on the internet just a couple of weeks ago. They had become somewhat famous as artists or musicians and they looked serious and shut down. There was no soul in their eyes. I couldn’t see any passion and I could not see the spark they had had when I dated them. I am happy they have broken up with me because I could have never found the amazing life I am living now in the People Unlimited community if we would have stayed together.

Listening to Bernie today, taught me how to feel people deeper. It taught me how to love them, care for them, be passionate about them, adore them, be close to them without ever having to hurt them. It’s a life without hurting each other that is forever changing and unfolding and building. It does not need a marriage license or a blessing from a pastor but it needs the conscience of really feeling each other. Not the image of each other but really feeling each other bodies.  

I love Bernie so much and I adore her so much for the deep caring person she is. I adore her for the stand she takes for human interaction that is building. She shows me how to live the life I always wanted. It’s not a life where the 10 commandments give me guidelines on how to live. It’s a life where my own conscience guides me to a higher life. It’s a life that feels religious but knows no god. It’s a life that feels spiritual but doesn’t care about the universe. It’s a life that is full of joy but it does not come from the many pretty things I buy every day. It’s a life where the joy comes from the people around me. People like Bernie who care about me so much, who live so free, who are closer to me than any man I’ve ever been with.



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