My dog Kandy is having a crisis

My dog Kandy is laying next to us with her head under the bed. My other dog Gipsy – who we just got from a rescue – is dropping a ball in front of Kandy over and over again teasing her to play but Kandy keeps ignoring Gipsy. Kandy has a lot of energy and loves to play. It can never be too much activity for her. At least this is what Kandy used to be. Now we got Gipsy and Gipsy has actually time to give Kandy just that lots of attention and playtime but Kandy shows Gipsy the cold shoulder.

Otto and I could never play much with Kandy. For the most part of our days we sit in front of our computers or talk on the phone working. We take a couple of minutes here and there to walk or play with Kandy but overall we are really boring as it pertains to Kandy’s needs. Gipsy on the other hand has lots of time and lots of energy to play with Kandy. But now Kandy is showing a completely new side, the side of a grumpy old dog who just doesn’t want to talk to the stupid little kid who dares to interrupt the so well known family life. 

Aren’t we sometimes like that? Aren’t we sometimes bored with our life and wish something new and exciting would happen and when it actually happens we turn our back to it? Because it messes up the well known family life? But mostly it just messes up the boring life we had and for some reason now we don’t like it. It’s pathetic.

I want my boring life messed up with something new and better all the time. I love the new. I want lots of more physically immortal people in my life who don’t just want to rely on family for the real big things in their life but want to rely on me too. I am looking for these people who want to rely on me because I see them unlimited, with no end to their life ever. Because I see them able to have everything they want and more, Because I see that they can be strong, healthy and making lots of money when they are in their 70th, 80th, 90th,and so on – really without any limit. I am not going to be ignoring them because I have already something really good going on. I will not lay around like my dog Kandy making sure Gipsy knows that she is not welcome because Otto and I should only give our attention to her. I will play and enjoy the new exciting experiences I can have with people who want to build this unlimited life with Bernie and Jim, me and many others.

There are so many more great adventures to live and the best one’s will come with people who feel that they don’t have to die and who are physically immortal. I am physically immortal and being physically immortal has very different dynamics. You just don’t get to enjoy just one or two people or have your life evolved around your family. You get to enjoy a whole lot of people with a lot of depth, intensity, enjoyment, intimacy. Who could say no to this kind of a life.

Check us out at or even better come to one of our Break-through Events in Scottsdale. It will change your life and will keep changing it forever.



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