The best super attitude on the planet

A little over a week ago Matt Monarch launched the best superfood on the planet. He said that a little bit of it is so potent that it has the power to cure cancer, arthritis, HIV and protect from Alzheimer Disease. He called it the best superfood ever where nothing like it had ever been seen on the planet. And there were so many clinical studies proofing it that of course I ordered this superfood and can’t wait for it to arrive. Who doesn’t want to try the best superfood ever 🙂

But what’s the best superfood when you have a shitty attitude? It’s been known for a long time that what you think impacts your wellbeing and health. And there is something impacting our health even more than our negative thoughts, it’s all the destructive things we do to ourselves every day.

You are destructive to yourself if you feel you have no future because you are boxed in; or if you don’t allow yourself to feel all of your emotions because they are too scary; or if you push back people who are good to you but choose to hang out with abusive people; or if you see everything and everyone against you all the time; or if you only trust your dog and cat but can’t trust people; or if you feel guilty about having too much fun; or if you think you don’t deserve the best for yourself; or if you are modest and put yourself in second place behind others all the time; or if you can’t accept compliments; or if you feel you have to be loyal to people who treat you poorly because you once made a promise to do so; or if you feel you can’t speak up for yourself or others when you see something around you that’s not right; or if you want to look like a movie star more than wanting to look like yourself; or if you love cereal for breakfast but eat eggs because it’s what your family likes; of if you want to earn millions and you think you will never be good enough to earn them; or if you want to be treated well by your intimate partner but settle for just anyone because you don’t want to be lonely; or if you feel incomplete because you don’t have a boy friend, girl friend, husband or wife; or if you feel depressed when you get what you want because you think it won’t last; or if you can’t laugh out loud because you are too concerned about disturbing others; or if fun is just not part of your day; or if you feel sad or a so called ‘negative’ emotion and you feel wrong for doing it. 

And there is so much more… All these small actions we do every day consciously or unconsciously are self destructive and will cause the very thing we want to heal with the superfood. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against superfoods I love them. But I also know that I will only feel really great, if I stop everything I do that is destructive to my person.

And I haven’t even mentioned the most destructive thing ever. And most people do it. And it’s far more destructive than all the attitudes and actions I mentioned above. And even though there are a lot of white papers and novels and blogs about things we do that are destructive to ourselves and how to stop them, there is not much written about the most destructive thing ever. People do everything they have in their power to avoid feeling the destruction, yet it is so obviously unhealthy. You don’t have to be a doctor or scientist to see it.

So what is it? The most destructive attitude and action ever is that people feel they have to die. No matter how healthy, how much money, how many superfoods, how many spa treatments, how many rich and great relationships, very few have ever questioned the most destructive thought and feeling there is. Which is the thought and feeling that humans have to die.

Think about it… you focus on an area in your body that is not doing well and you visualize it being well. I’ve done it many, many times and it always works. You can get rid of a head-ache in no time with a visualization exercise. It works like a charm. Now think about what you do to your cells if you always give them the message that they have to die some day and that they won’t be able to duplicate and renew any longer. And if you don’t say it out loud, be sure that you are telling it to your cells unconsciously all the time. Don’t fool yourself it’s the most unhealthy attitude there is. It can only be broken by making a conscious decision to not die, to feel physically better all the time and to see no end to the cells.

The afterlife is the most promoted thing by pretty much every religion on this planet, but I think it’s time that we promote the life right here on this planet! It’s the biggest high you’ve ever experienced. Once you start doing it, you will feel the energy boost it give you. You will see it makes you feel phenomenal. It also makes it easy to change the seemingly unending list of destructive things we can do to ourselves. The benefits are huge, start today with your new journey that sees no end for yourself! 

Join us in person or as an online member for one of our People Unlimited events. People Unlimited is the only community on this planet that is dedicated to create a reality right now, right here for people to never see death.


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