Breaking the biggest conspiracy in the world – that you have to die…

Today I went to visit my horse Lucky who is boarded by my friend Jo. Jo is very dear to me and on my way home I stopped to talk to her for a little bit while she was cleaning stalls. We started out talking about her break-up with her ex-boyfriend and how this break-up had made her stronger and a better person. I mentioned to her “Imagine you would never die and how you could become better and better without an end – wouldn’t that be amazing!” She liked it but then thought about her grandmother, who is in her 90ies. Her grandmother had had a wonderful happy life and she now doesn’t want it to end but her body is getting weaker and weaker and it seems like there definitely will be an end to her life probably sooner than later. Jo was sad about this and doubted that it was possible that the body could live without an end.

This is what most people feel. They feel that they have to die and that they have no choice about it.

But think about this… no one really never gives us a chance to even think that we have a choice. No one ever teaches us how to build our bodies. No one! We don’t learn how to eat to build our bodies. We don’t learn how to exercise to build our bodies. We don’t learn how to be together and stay together in a way that builds our bodies. We don’t learn how to work in a way that builds our bodies and so on. We don’t learn anything on how to build our bodies ever – period.

Look at eating for an example. Most eating we learn is to soothe our emotions, to survive and to make it through the day. Or we learn how to overeat when we come together for holidays, weddings or birthdays. But definitely we don’t learn how to eat to nourish and build our bodies so that we are healthy and strong.

Then let’s look at exercising. Exercising should make us be stronger and healthier. But in most cases it rather is destructive to our bodies. We learn how to build strength to defend our countries. We learn how to build our bodies to look good for the other sex. Or we learn how to train to win a gold medal in the Olympics. And in the end we get married, get gold medals or win other competitions but our bodies get worn out while doing it. We push ourselves to break limits while going through pain and often injure ourselves while doing it. If we go too far in it we tear our bodies down without return. Yes, no-one really teaches us how to exercise and eat in a way that builds our bodies.

We also never learn how to feel our bodies. In most cases we get taught to be tough and to not feel. And later we can be sick and we only know it when it’s already serious and we have to do complicated tests to find out what’s wrong with us. But if we would have learned how to feel our bodies we would know early on when we have the first symptoms and we could give our doctor direction on where to look instead of the other way around.

And then when growing up no-one seems to be able to teach us anything about a health emotional life. One of the most common emotions around is also the most unhealthy emotion. No-one seems to have a clue on how to get rid of it. One of the most unhealthy emotions is the one we experience with separation from people we care about. Separation makes people loose their heart to live. And no one teaches us when we grow up how to stay together with boosting each others lives and bodies, feeling fulfilled while doing it. The one thing we learn is how to put up rules with each other. These rules then make us feel boxed in and we feel like we can’t breath and intimacy has to come with compromise and sacrifice. And in the end separation seems like the only way out. But while separating we get our hearts broken and we don’t want to live so much anymore. Or we don’t separate but shut down and compromise in the name of love. What a stupid concept. In the end we really need to be able to be together and build each other’s bodies emotionally, physically, and in all ways without any sacrifice and compromise. If we want to be emotionally healthy, we need to be able to do exactly this.

And then finally even if we start building our bodies through exercise, food, wonderful things we treat ourselves with, build each other in intimacies, we still have to overcome guilt. It’s the guilt you feel when you feel really good and it’s so good that you think now it has to end. But the truth is it doesn’t have to end. It’s really just a start on how good you can feel. This guilt has been programmed into us forever.

We wonder why we feel guilty but it’s really no mystery. There is pretty much not even one religion on this planet that wants the body to live. There are thousands of religions that teach many different things but all of them have in common that they don’t want you to treat your body well. They don’t want your body nourished. Especially not just for the sake of being nourished. In fact they usually want you to burn yourself out for a cause. All kinds of causes but you need to sacrifice yourself to make it happen. None of them tells you to treat yourself well first and because you treat yourself well and you build your body a better place is guaranteed for you and the one’s around you.

I asked Jo “Imagine if your grandmother would have been in an environment where she would have been supported to eat in a way that builds her body, to exercise in a way that builds her body, where she wouldn’t have to experience separation from people she cared about. Wouldn’t she be physically in a great shape now in her 90ies and wouldn’t she be able to live for many more years to come?”

I feel it would be the biggest accomplishment for Jo’s grandmother if she would live for many more years to come so that Jo wouldn’t have to experience her loss ever. I feel it is the biggest accomplishment if the body is well and healthy and strong and vibrant and with a lot of soul and passion and with no end in sight. I feel this is what religions should teach. 

I want to live in a world where people come together to build each other. Where people give up their religion, their political party, their race because they find it more important to build one another.

The wonderful thing is that I don’t have to wait for this world. I am already living right in the middle of it. Bernie and Jim are creating it every day. And now I am co-creating it with them. The best thing I could ever wish for myself when growing up is co-creating a world for myself and others where we don’t have to die. It’s the best adventure ever. Come and co-create this unlimited life with us. Check us out at



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