I have no end

I am 53 years alive and I feel I have no end. Most people don’t believe it’s possible and they only will start being curious if they see people over 100 fully active, healthy, strong, working, engaged with what they feel important and seeing a future for themselves. 53 years alive feels like very little yet and I can’t wait to celebrate my 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, etc. birthday. The more years the better. Every year I am adding has been so rich and each year becomes richer not perfect but richer with people who fulfill desires that I didn’t even know I had. Sexual satisfaction is nothing compared to the deep intimacy I experience with more and more people.

Sometimes I want to hide not because something bad is happening but mostly because so many good things are happening. When this happens I just tell myself it’s great and I can handle much more. So bring it on. Come join us at People Unlimited and be one of these people who lives this amazing life without an end, overcoming the programming of death. It’s the best. I really recommend it.


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