BernaDeane: “I feel good and it’s because I am getting more real’

At our People Unlimited event last night I heard BernaDeane say: “I feel great”. This was an “I feel great” that I could really feel. I hear people say “I feel great” all the time but it’s superficial. It’s the feeling great on the surface. Most people don’t even dare to feel everything they feel. They dismiss it. After a while they don’t even know anymore what is they are feeling and they replace it with goals and images which have nothing to do with real feelings after all. And the real feelings end up being shoved into the unconscious. What a shame.

When Bernie said “I feel great” yesterday, I could feel that it was all the way. I could feel her body tremble, like you tremble when you get overtaken by a wonderful emotion. I felt her body shine. I could see an intensity in her eyes that told me she was not avoiding anything and what she was telling was the truth. And then Bernie said “I feel great because I go with the truth” and then she continued “the truth that the body doesn’t have to die”. It’s the most suppressed truth. If you say it you may be called crazy, ignorant, in a cult.

Most people on this planet don’t experience that the body doesn’t have to die as their truth but nevertheless it’s the truth. I know that it is because the more I give my body credit that I can live unlimited without ever having to experience death, the more I shine, the more alive I get, the more my emotions wake up, the more I become this vaster person I want to be, the more I experience a virtue that usually is only related to religion. I am not religious and have never been. It’s just me, my body which experiences this virtue and it’s a wonderful feeling. It makes me feel great! I agree with Bernie everyone should have this experience of feeling great. Check us out for yourself and come to one of our events in Scottsdale – email me to find out where:


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