Someone sat me down and told me the truth…

On Saturday I listened to a radio show. In that show they interviewed a person who had healed a 15 year old boy from a skin disease through hypnotizing him. When trying to do so again later on he was never able to heal anyone with that disease again. After healing the boy the entire medical community had gotten excited because without knowing it he had healed what had been an incurable disease. The experts in that area told him that what he had done with hypnosis had been impossible. When later on asked why he couldn’t repeat the healing, he said that after hearing from experts that it had been impossible to heal this disease something in him changed. He unconsciously had taken it on that it was impossible for him now too.

Today something similar happened to me. But instead of being told I could not do something impossible that I had already done, I was told the opposite. I was told that what had been impossible until now was now possible. I was told I was no longer dying. I was told by an expert and the number one authority in physical immortality BernaDeane that I was not dying. That this was a done deal. And same as the person who had healed the boy felt something change in him after the ‘experts’ had talked to him, I felt I changed as well. I felt I wasn’t dying and that this was real right now. I felt a tingling all over my body, I felt energy I had never felt before and I felt my organs alive and very active.

When driving home later tonight, I tried to wrap my mind around what just had happened. I wanted to explain it so bad. I wanted to grasp it in my mind to make sure I could retain this amazing experience and that it would last forever. But I knew at the same time that it wasn’t a knowledge thing. It was something I could only feel and experience and my mind could never explain it. Never ever. I know this feeling will bring me to new places and there will be many more physically immortal experiences. Experiences of my body not dying, my cells not just rejuvenating but being ongoing without an end far beyond rejuvenation. I feel I will never see death.


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