The most fun I’ve ever had…

I am lucky, I make o.k. money that lets me go on vacations, live in a great house and have fun spending money on clothing, good food and gadgets. All of that is fun but the real fun for me is when I feel alive. What do I mean by ‘feeling alive’. I feel alive when my senses are awake, my emotions are free to feel everything, when I can feel sad and cry when something horrible happens to someone and when I can feel happy and excited when something really great happens as well. The more years we are around, the more we think we have figured life out. We have our set routines. We know what we’ll eat for breakfast, what style of furniture we like, what style of clothing we will wear, what the people are we like and who we don’t like, what religion we belong to and so on. The more we think we have figured life out the less we re-invent ourselves. But unfortunately, at the same time our range of the emotions we can feel goes down, our spontaneity goes down and our willingness to explore decreases. When most of us were in our teens we were excited to explore who we were are going to be. We wanted to learn, make money, find great friends and life partners to build our lives with. The sad thing is that most people will not change up their routines any longer when they are in their 50th and 60th and 70th.

The real luck I have is not that I make o.k. money but that I found people who are explorers no matter how many years they are around. I just attended the People Unlimited New Years Launch Event in Scottsdale and I was lucky to be with Bernadeane who I saw completely change her routine around once again. And Bernie is not in her teens, or 20th or 30th. I know Bernie now for about 25 years and I’ve seen her change her routine around over and over again. Usually when I see Bernie change is when she feels that what she has been doing is no longer building her body or the people around her. Bernie changes things most people wouldn’t change like life style, food, opinions, believes, the way of interacting with close friends and family. Each time I see her change these things, I see Bernie be more alive. I see her more charismatic, more vibrant, more smiling and laughing, more excited about her day, more excited about her future. My mom is only 10 more years around than Bernie and I care for her a lot but I have not seen my mom excited about her future for a very long time.

The most fun I have is when I get up in the morning and don’t live the perfect routine but have the intend to do whatever will most build my body and the body of everyone around me that day. What can I say, what can I do, how can I interact with my co-workers and clients so that their life is easier that day? How can I make the people around me feel valuable, wanted, smart and just overall great? How many people can I make feel that way?

It’s so much fun to live my day that way because I have to re-invent myself all the time and there is no set routine. It has no right and wrongs and the dreadful feelings of being impatient and frustrated with others don’t exist. My day is not planned around a long and important ‘to do’ list but around the intend to do what will make my life better and what can make the lives of the people around me better. This requires all my senses to be aware. Great routines always come with the threat of failure. Failure because I might not be able to do everything I said I would. Living around the intend to making my own life and the lives of others better, easier and more fun knows no failures. In the end those failures of missing a goal or not completing something you had committed to are fun killers. They can make you feel small and insufficient and unimportant because once again you have broken your word. Making another person smile and have a moment of laughter or making a certain task easy for others or just giving someone that feeling of how important they are to you has instant gratification. In those moments failure does not exist and the feeling small and insignificant which is so common is extinguished. There are no limits of how easy life can be and how happy we can be and how important we are to each other.


Feeling another person’s body is invigorating

Most people associate feeling another person’s body with sexuality and sensuality. But when we put a hand on a person’s shoulder or arm when they feel stressed they relaxed. A handshake is a contact through which people get to know each other. The firmness of the handshake immediately communicates if a person feels comfortable with you and with themselves.

For me feeling other people’s body has been my number one stress releaver. I experience a lot of anxiety but it is so much less now compared to what it used to be. I used to feel anxiety pretty much all the time. Each time I drove to work I felt fear. Each time I went to school I had fear. I was anxious around my friends. Sometimes it was so strong that I had a hard time breathing and to keep my thoughts straight.

When I was studying at the University of Munich I earned extra money with being a night hostess in overnight trains. One day I had worked all night and then had the day off in a town somewhere in Northern Germany that I had never been to before. When I woke up after sleeping for a couple of hours I experienced extreme anxiety. This is when I did it for the first time. I laid on the bed in the afternoon and just started to feeling the people around me. I just felt their bodies. I didn’t have to know who they were and what they were doing. I just felt the bodies of the people I heard in the street, in the inn I stayed at and of the people I couldn’t hear but knew they were around. Like you can feel a dog or a cat or an angry person or a happy person, I just opened myself to feeling the people around me and it relaxed me. I started to feel blood running through my veins again and my breathing became normal and the anxiety was gone. Sometimes I remember this great experience and I do it again. Each time it lifts my spirits and I feel better even if I don’t have anxiety.

I like People Unlimited and the owners Bernie and Jim so much because they build this physical connection between people. Most people build connection through liking the same things, falling in love and starting a family, religion, spirituality but I have never met anyone who just builds the connection of the body. Bernie and Jim do exactly that and it has been just right for me.

When I simply give to feeling the people around me still relaxes me. It relaxes me when I fly and it helps me through the days in my high stress job. When I feel a person’s body it seems like they can’t lie and play games, they can just be themselves. They might feel confused, tense, angry, frustrated but it’s who they are at the moment and it relaxes me to just feel them and to not put much more meaning to it. Even the most ego driven self righteous person still has a heart that beats and blood that flows through their veins. Feeling their bodies helps me to not react to them and I can keep my joy.

Most people at work are tense all the time and it is a blessing that I found Bernie and Jim and Otto and many others who feel joyful and flowing and not tense and stressed out. Being physically connected with unlimited people on a daily basis is the most invigorating experience I’ve ever had much beyond getting over an anxiety attack. Try it out yourself. Spend a day with feeling other people’s bodies especially if you don’t get along with them. Come and be with me at a People Unlimited event and find out how incredibly invigorating it is to be around people who are dedicated to building the physical connection between each other. You will see it will be the most invigorating experience for you as well.

Ending Anxiety

After a 2-day break from writing a blog I am back. I did fly to the East Coast (from Phoenix) yesterday to see my clients this week. I had to get a presentation done over the weekend for one of the client meetings and we also had an amazing People Unlimited event. On top of this I had to get my hair done and my nails done and pack for another trip I am going on right after I come back from the East coast and my horse needs daily recovery training from an injury he had a long time ago. So – with all of this going on I got overwhelmed and anxious.

When driving to the airport yesterday, I had to take deep breaths to calm down.

It feels weird to feel so anxious after the amazing People Unlimited event we had over the weekend. Especially Bernie and Jim’s expressions impacted me. I don’t know if you have ever experienced that someone talks to you and you understand all the words but the meaning of what was said goes beyond your understanding. This is how Bernie and Jim’s expressions felt this weekend. It felt like “what did just happen to me?” I felt like my life just changed and I don’t even know how. I love this feeling. I know there are always new insights coming from it. Usually they come days later when I notice that I feel different about a certain situation. Now that I am sitting in my hotel room on the East coast and I am taking a little break this morning before a busy day, I feel excited about the new feelings I am going to feel.

I’ve been anxious all my life. In the beginning of my life I didn’t know it was anxiety. I just thought this is how life is. I didn’t know you could be free of it because I didn’t know it was wrong. After our PUI weekend event this weekend, I was able to feel how anxious I was and how wrong it is because I know a life without anxiety now. I know there will be a time when I will be free of anxiety even if I have so much going on. I know there will be a time when I can trust that everything will work itself out and the things that don’t work themselves out I don’t really need. I know there will be a time when I feel my aliveness so much that I know nothing will take my life even if it feels a lot at the moment.



I love intensity!

I love intensity. I hate suppression. I love when people dare to be themselves. I love when people dare to say what they feel without a filter. I love when people dare to feel what they feel without making it understandable, without making it right, without making it proper. According to science, we only use a small portion of our brain. I feel this is because we try to fit in so much and try to make ourselves acceptable. I feel it’s because we twist what we feel to be right. No wonder most of our brain activity never gets to be firing on all cylinders.

Most of my life I was concerned about being liked and fitting in. I spent most of my time figuring out how to be NOT myself. Yet, I never succeeded. I always was considered ‘weird’ no matter how much I tried not to be weird. I was an outsider in my family. I was an outsider at school. I was an outsider in my jobs. I was an outsider in the village I grew up in. I even felt weird to my husband when I was married. No wonder I was depressed then. I thought it was because I just couldn’t fit in. Now I feel it’s because I tried to fit in so much!

The more I don’t care about fitting in and the more I am myself the less weird I feel. The truth is I am weird. I feel I never have to die and I can live unlimited and that’s absolutely the weirdest thing on the planet. My family doesn’t feel living without death is possible. All the friends I ever had don’t feel it’s possible. My colleagues at work don’t feel it’s possible. There is no religion, culture, tradition, political party who supports it. Most scientists don’t think it’s possible. So the fact is that I am weird to most people. But the more I am myself, the less weird I feel. Even though I feel different, I am respected by most people who know me. Being respected for who you really are is so much better than being accepted. It’s also the best cure for depression. The more comfortable I feel with my physical immortality, the less weird I feel, the less racing thoughts I have and I rarely feel depressed anymore.

I feel we have suppressed our feelings so much that most people don’t even know what they feel anymore. Most people confuse the feelings they learned from others with their own feelings. Being a People Unlimited member since 1996 and before being a People Forever member has helped me feel myself. Bernie and Jim and Chuck are the 3 people who have encouraged me most to feel who I really am. They are encouraging me to feel myself and not physical immortality as a philosophy or an idea. One of the things I have resisted most in my life has been feeling myself. I now feel that every person who dares to feel themselves can live forever. People who feel themselves stop suppressing the flow of their own body. Most diseases come from a blockage of this flow. If your digestion is blocked you can get an ulcer. If you are constipated, you take in the toxins you should be eliminating. When your blood doesn’t flow through your arteries and veins you will get heart disease and you may have a stroke. If your lymphatic system doesn’t flow, you can get cancer. If your nerves are stuck between your vertebrae, your organs can’t function right. People who dare to be themselves don’t have to die after all because they are in a flow and all their systems in their bodies are in a flow.

The number one thing I wish for people I meet now is that they can be themselves. It’s not that they can make money or find the love of their life, it’s that they can feel who they really are and be it. I wish they would join People Unlimited and build this amazing life together with us. I wish they would join so that we can encourage each other to feel ourselves without an end. Where no one is dispensable because we are all so unique and different. Where we are important as individuals and not because of a great believe system. So join us

Being connected with Bernie and Jim makes you be yourself

I am a People Unlimited member because it’s the only place in the world where 2 people – Jim Strole and Bernadeane – physically connect with me and many others. It’s a connection of the cells. This connection with others is essential for feeling alive and unlimited. Without this connection physical immortality is just an idea and in the end your body still ages and fades away. This connection makes progress and personal growth natural. It’s a connection that most people have never experienced and even reject when it is offered to them at first. It’s a connection the body graves but when you receive it, you might freak out. I grave for intimacy and personal interaction but growing up in an environment where intimacy was unknown, I rejected it to a certain degree when I finally found it with Bernie and Jim.

I heard a story on national public radio a couple of months ago. It was about a child that had been adopted from Rumania and he wasn’t able to feel and have sympathy. He wasn’t able to feel pain. He could have killed someone and he would not have felt remorse. He was very aggressive and was expelled from school and from church. The parents went through therapy with him and the therapy was ‘physical closeness’. For several months, the child had to be within 3 feet of his mother. They literally slept in the same room and spent all their time together. He hated it. The punishment he had to endure when he did something wrong was ‘getting closer’. Instead of being 3 feet away he now had to be 2 feet away. Later on the therapy was being cradled by his father and mother. It was a funny picture, since he was 16 at the time. He also had to look them in their eyes for a long period of time each day.

This therapy of being physically close was successful. After a while he felt like his mother actually liked him and didn’t hate him and he relaxed. This is when he started to feel other people. At the end of the interview was a recording of an acceptance speech at church where he had received an award for extra caring in the community. He had changed completely. His speech was full of emotion and made me cry.

For me this story comes into mind with Bernie and Jim. Many people physically feel uncomfortable around them but the closeness and intimacy they offer is what we all need so much. Sometimes I feel we have unlearned how to be close to people. The world is so segmented into religions, life styles, family cultures that connection between people beyond all of that is not even known.

I go to People Unlimited events because I find Bernie and Jim’s intimacy soothes my soul, lifts my spirit and simply makes me happy. I also am able to feel other people so much deeper which gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and wholeness. Sometimes I feel like that child that had to be cradled, who felt uncomfortable when too close to people. Now having this close connection on an ongoing basis with Bernie and Jim has simply helped me be myself.

I am thankful today that I found Bernie and Jim who give me themselves without any strings attached. I have the best life with them, a life that gets better every day and has no end.


50,000 Reasons to Never Die and Live Unlimited

1. Never dying is so much fun.

2. It feels so freaking good.

3. It’s so wonderful to get close to people and you never leave them and they never leave you.

4. There is enough time to do everything you ever wanted

5. There is so much time you can do new things you never thought you would

6. You can meet so many interesting people not just superficially but have a real in-depth connection

7. You can overcome any insecurity about anything you might experience

8. You become a better person in unlimited ways.

9. I am sure you will become famous at some point

10. You can make so much money.

11. When you loose your money, you can make it again

12. You just look good.

13. You are cared for by lots of others who know you are irreplaceable and cherish your life

14. You never have to feel alone.

15. You have Bernadeane with you who’s genius is to be so intimate with you that you definitely will never feel alone

16. You have Jim Stole with you who will inspire you to overcome insecurities that are so unconscious, that you never even imagined you had them but they limit you every day.

There are 49,984 more reasons but will have to tell you about them another day. For now check out for more reasons or come tonight to an even in Scottsdale, AZ for even more reasons.

I feel unlimited this morning!

It’s 6:30 a.m. this morning and I feel unlimited. Unlimited because I feel I was born to be alive physically in this body without an end. I am in my 50th now and I am building more strengths in every way. In my muscles, my bones, my immune system, and so on. Small children grow up and are excited when they are finally old enough to go to school. Teenagers can’t wait to get into their 20th to become independent from their parents. Now in my 50th I feel I am excited to be growing up and developing too. I can’t wait to be in my 60th and then 70th. I feel I am building stronger tissue like the second set of teeths are stronger than the first set of teeth. I feel the muscle I am building now in my 50th is build much more resilient than the muscle I was building in my teens. Living an unlimited life has so many benefits.

The biggest problem with it is that most people find it impossible to do.  But think about it… some children who grow up in orphanages in China can’t walk at 2 years because no one ever showed them how to walk. It’s the same with us, no one ever showed us how to be unlimited in our bodies so how can we expect to feel familiar with it. It’s absolutely normal that you don’t like the idea of physically living forever. It’s the same way these children who have never walked will feel very uncomfortable walking when they finally get to learn it. And it will be uncomfortable for them for quite some time. So think again… if you don’t like the feeling of physically living forever, it’s not because it’s not good for you. It’s just because you have no experience with it. You literally need to build up your body first to get to enjoy it. Once you do build up for it, a whole new exciting world arises. It’s like when these children finally learn how to walk, a whole new exciting world arises for them.

Also, it’s much more fun for us who already feel that we don’t have to die and already have build our bodies to be unlimited for a while, to have more people do it with us. In fact it’s not much fun to learn how to walk by yourself. It’s so much more fun if you have others learn it with you. So join us at and let’s do it together. Let’s build our bodies together to be unlimited and never die. It’s the best adventure ever and you’ll only know it when you do it. But remember when you come for the first time don’t be surprised if you don’t like it. It’s just that it takes a while to get your immune system, muscles, nervous system, pretty much all your organs to get on board. Once you get in the swing of it it’s going to be amazing. And the best is, you’ll have an amazing life that has no end! It will feel as if it’s been always you to live without end even if very few people around you feel the same. You will start to cherish those few who feel unlimited too very much. This is what I do. I cherish Bernie, Jim and Chuck because they showed me this new amazing world that has no end!!!

Living Unlimited – Today Again…

Have you ever received something you wanted for a long time and when you actually got it, it freaked you out? It happens to me all the time. I get lots of things I really want, just because I go for them in a straight way and it’s usually successful. But I have a problem when I actually get it. It seems like it doesn’t fit in how I perceive myself. I usually do not perceive myself as someone who can create pretty easily. And when I get what I went for and what I wanted I freak out. As if it’s too good to be true. e.g. I am getting great feedback on this blog. This is great because one of the reasons I write it is to inspire people to live better and be better and feel unlimited. I have had several people tell me that they like my blog and that it has inspired them. Driving home from our People Unlimited meeting after receiving lots of great feedback I am freaked out. I want to play it down in me and pretend I am not noticed. And I want to feel down for a couple of days and I definitely do not want to continue blogging. Even though I got great feedback I doubt that the next blogs will be inspiring and I feel I probably should take a break until I make sure I can write something really special again. This is of course all bullshit. The purpose of my blog is about my every day physically immortal life and not just about a ‘special’ blog. So here I am writing my next blog.

This has happened to me many times, when something really good happened I feel I have to sit back for a while to get back to normal and then can go for the next great thing again. Today I feel why sit back. Why not live all out all the time. I can take a lot of more great thing. E.g. it would be great if I would meet a lot of people who want to life an unlimited life with me, Bernadeane and Jim. I just love being inspired so much. And it’s the most inspiring when people go for an unlimited life and actively involve themselves with all of us creating it.

Check us out at