50,000 Reasons to Never Die and Live Unlimited

1. Never dying is so much fun.

2. It feels so freaking good.

3. It’s so wonderful to get close to people and you never leave them and they never leave you.

4. There is enough time to do everything you ever wanted

5. There is so much time you can do new things you never thought you would

6. You can meet so many interesting people not just superficially but have a real in-depth connection

7. You can overcome any insecurity about anything you might experience

8. You become a better person in unlimited ways.

9. I am sure you will become famous at some point

10. You can make so much money.

11. When you loose your money, you can make it again

12. You just look good.

13. You are cared for by lots of others who know you are irreplaceable and cherish your life

14. You never have to feel alone.

15. You have Bernadeane with you who’s genius is to be so intimate with you that you definitely will never feel alone

16. You have Jim Stole with you who will inspire you to overcome insecurities that are so unconscious, that you never even imagined you had them but they limit you every day.

There are 49,984 more reasons but will have to tell you about them another day. For now check out www.peopleunlimitedinc.com for more reasons or come tonight to an even in Scottsdale, AZ for even more reasons.


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