I feel unlimited this morning!

It’s 6:30 a.m. this morning and I feel unlimited. Unlimited because I feel I was born to be alive physically in this body without an end. I am in my 50th now and I am building more strengths in every way. In my muscles, my bones, my immune system, and so on. Small children grow up and are excited when they are finally old enough to go to school. Teenagers can’t wait to get into their 20th to become independent from their parents. Now in my 50th I feel I am excited to be growing up and developing too. I can’t wait to be in my 60th and then 70th. I feel I am building stronger tissue like the second set of teeths are stronger than the first set of teeth. I feel the muscle I am building now in my 50th is build much more resilient than the muscle I was building in my teens. Living an unlimited life has so many benefits.

The biggest problem with it is that most people find it impossible to do.  But think about it… some children who grow up in orphanages in China can’t walk at 2 years because no one ever showed them how to walk. It’s the same with us, no one ever showed us how to be unlimited in our bodies so how can we expect to feel familiar with it. It’s absolutely normal that you don’t like the idea of physically living forever. It’s the same way these children who have never walked will feel very uncomfortable walking when they finally get to learn it. And it will be uncomfortable for them for quite some time. So think again… if you don’t like the feeling of physically living forever, it’s not because it’s not good for you. It’s just because you have no experience with it. You literally need to build up your body first to get to enjoy it. Once you do build up for it, a whole new exciting world arises. It’s like when these children finally learn how to walk, a whole new exciting world arises for them.

Also, it’s much more fun for us who already feel that we don’t have to die and already have build our bodies to be unlimited for a while, to have more people do it with us. In fact it’s not much fun to learn how to walk by yourself. It’s so much more fun if you have others learn it with you. So join us at www.peopleunlimitedinc.com and let’s do it together. Let’s build our bodies together to be unlimited and never die. It’s the best adventure ever and you’ll only know it when you do it. But remember when you come for the first time don’t be surprised if you don’t like it. It’s just that it takes a while to get your immune system, muscles, nervous system, pretty much all your organs to get on board. Once you get in the swing of it it’s going to be amazing. And the best is, you’ll have an amazing life that has no end! It will feel as if it’s been always you to live without end even if very few people around you feel the same. You will start to cherish those few who feel unlimited too very much. This is what I do. I cherish Bernie, Jim and Chuck because they showed me this new amazing world that has no end!!!


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