Living Unlimited – Today Again…

Have you ever received something you wanted for a long time and when you actually got it, it freaked you out? It happens to me all the time. I get lots of things I really want, just because I go for them in a straight way and it’s usually successful. But I have a problem when I actually get it. It seems like it doesn’t fit in how I perceive myself. I usually do not perceive myself as someone who can create pretty easily. And when I get what I went for and what I wanted I freak out. As if it’s too good to be true. e.g. I am getting great feedback on this blog. This is great because one of the reasons I write it is to inspire people to live better and be better and feel unlimited. I have had several people tell me that they like my blog and that it has inspired them. Driving home from our People Unlimited meeting after receiving lots of great feedback I am freaked out. I want to play it down in me and pretend I am not noticed. And I want to feel down for a couple of days and I definitely do not want to continue blogging. Even though I got great feedback I doubt that the next blogs will be inspiring and I feel I probably should take a break until I make sure I can write something really special again. This is of course all bullshit. The purpose of my blog is about my every day physically immortal life and not just about a ‘special’ blog. So here I am writing my next blog.

This has happened to me many times, when something really good happened I feel I have to sit back for a while to get back to normal and then can go for the next great thing again. Today I feel why sit back. Why not live all out all the time. I can take a lot of more great thing. E.g. it would be great if I would meet a lot of people who want to life an unlimited life with me, Bernadeane and Jim. I just love being inspired so much. And it’s the most inspiring when people go for an unlimited life and actively involve themselves with all of us creating it.

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