Physical Immortality is Possible

25 years ago I didn’t think people had the option not to die and I didn’t even want it even if I could. A friend of mine told me then: ‘Live one week of your life as if you never had an end and see how you like it.’ I took his challenge and I did like that week. I felt if my life was unlimited, I could work out all issues I felt I had at the time. I felt if I were never to die I would have time to get everything I wanted. The entire week I felt like being on a high. 2 years later I met Bernadeane,  Chuck Brown and Jim Stole. 3 people who are not dying and who feel I didn’t have to die either. 3 people who feel to create a world without death. At that time I still didn’t feel that my life was unlimited but I was so excited about the idea that I became a People Forever member and when People Forever was dissolved I became a People Unlimited member.

Now 23 years later I feel different. I feel I am not going to die. It’s a feeling that’s exciting and you will only know it if you give to living unlimited and if you have people around you that don’t want you to die. For centuries we have been told we need to die and we see no one who lives unlimited in our every day life. Most people don’t even live to be one hundred and I know no one who lived longer than 120 years. So it’s not a surprise that I felt I had no option in the matter and had to die like everyone else.

Now 25 years after first being introduced to physical immortality and 23 years after meeting people who see me unlimited, I have completely changed. I feel my cells have redirected themselves and are no longer headed towards death. I feel great. I don’t understand why there are not more people who go for it. But I guess if you don’t know what you don’t know you might not give it a chance. So if you, like me 25 years ago, feel you have to die and think it’s a good thing, give it a try and live one week as if you had no end. If you like it there is a whole community waiting for you.


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