Live Unlimited – Don’t Die – Why does helping others not work…

In the past couple of days I was lucky to be part of 2 conversations. One was Friday night during our Unlimited Event and the other one was part of a phone hook-up with People Unlimited members in Israel who are preparing for an event in Israel a couple weeks from now. I want to share what I got out being part of them. I have spent hours and hours of my life thinking about people I love who were struggling with something trying to find a solution for them. Sometimes I they wanted to make more money or have less stress with paying bills or they wanted to have a better flow with their life partner or they wanted to loose weight quicker or I felt them distant from me and really wanted to feel closer. It is sometimes painful for me to see people I care about struggle and not getting what they are longing for.

In the past I have burnt myself out over other people’s problems and even worse, what ever I did rarely made anything better. All the hours I spent – most of them in my head – were unsuccessful. People have to come up with their own answers. The only thing that ever helped was just showing them how intensely I cared for them and how much I felt that they are valuable to me.

Now I decided that I will never ever try to figure out other people’s problems again. I will talk to them directly, be all out with my feelings for them and then let go and move on. Keeping it new and enjoyable. I will never repeat myself ever again and again to help someone understand a point I am making. I will never again run after people thinking I could do something for them they really didn’t want. I will find people who like my contributions and when I do not get responses, I will take it as a sign that I should go somewhere else where I can get the responses I am looking for. I feel like a load has been lifted from me.

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