I love intensity!

I love intensity. I hate suppression. I love when people dare to be themselves. I love when people dare to say what they feel without a filter. I love when people dare to feel what they feel without making it understandable, without making it right, without making it proper. According to science, we only use a small portion of our brain. I feel this is because we try to fit in so much and try to make ourselves acceptable. I feel it’s because we twist what we feel to be right. No wonder most of our brain activity never gets to be firing on all cylinders.

Most of my life I was concerned about being liked and fitting in. I spent most of my time figuring out how to be NOT myself. Yet, I never succeeded. I always was considered ‘weird’ no matter how much I tried not to be weird. I was an outsider in my family. I was an outsider at school. I was an outsider in my jobs. I was an outsider in the village I grew up in. I even felt weird to my husband when I was married. No wonder I was depressed then. I thought it was because I just couldn’t fit in. Now I feel it’s because I tried to fit in so much!

The more I don’t care about fitting in and the more I am myself the less weird I feel. The truth is I am weird. I feel I never have to die and I can live unlimited and that’s absolutely the weirdest thing on the planet. My family doesn’t feel living without death is possible. All the friends I ever had don’t feel it’s possible. My colleagues at work don’t feel it’s possible. There is no religion, culture, tradition, political party who supports it. Most scientists don’t think it’s possible. So the fact is that I am weird to most people. But the more I am myself, the less weird I feel. Even though I feel different, I am respected by most people who know me. Being respected for who you really are is so much better than being accepted. It’s also the best cure for depression. The more comfortable I feel with my physical immortality, the less weird I feel, the less racing thoughts I have and I rarely feel depressed anymore.

I feel we have suppressed our feelings so much that most people don’t even know what they feel anymore. Most people confuse the feelings they learned from others with their own feelings. Being a People Unlimited member since 1996 and before being a People Forever member has helped me feel myself. Bernie and Jim and Chuck are the 3 people who have encouraged me most to feel who I really am. They are encouraging me to feel myself and not physical immortality as a philosophy or an idea. One of the things I have resisted most in my life has been feeling myself. I now feel that every person who dares to feel themselves can live forever. People who feel themselves stop suppressing the flow of their own body. Most diseases come from a blockage of this flow. If your digestion is blocked you can get an ulcer. If you are constipated, you take in the toxins you should be eliminating. When your blood doesn’t flow through your arteries and veins you will get heart disease and you may have a stroke. If your lymphatic system doesn’t flow, you can get cancer. If your nerves are stuck between your vertebrae, your organs can’t function right. People who dare to be themselves don’t have to die after all because they are in a flow and all their systems in their bodies are in a flow.

The number one thing I wish for people I meet now is that they can be themselves. It’s not that they can make money or find the love of their life, it’s that they can feel who they really are and be it. I wish they would join People Unlimited and build this amazing life together with us. I wish they would join so that we can encourage each other to feel ourselves without an end. Where no one is dispensable because we are all so unique and different. Where we are important as individuals and not because of a great believe system. So join us http://www.peopleunlimitedinc.com


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