I have a problem…

I have a problem! I have a problem that not very many have. I am on the East coast in Princeton, NJ to see a client. The weather is cold but sunny and beautiful. Lots of trees are in bloom and the grass is getting green. It’s a beautiful spring day. There are lot of problems I could have problems like: People tension at work, too much chaos in our company and too many things I don’t understand and don’t get training for. I have a client who is difficult to manage and seems to be frustrated with everything we do all the time. We never sell enough and what we sell is never big enough. I could loose some weight – this is pretty much always.  These are problems I could have but they are really not problems I am having. Even the biggest client issue I usually manage with the help of others in the best way possible and then I have to let go. In regards to my weight…I learn how to eat better and more complimentary all the time and then I have to let go as well.

Here is the problem I really have. Since I moved to Scottsdale to live in the People Unlimited community, I live in an environment with no problems. I am around Bernie and Jim who have integrity in every way. They are creating together with me and  many others a community that doesn’t have ranks or cliques, where there is no jealousy, where there is no discrimination against age, gender, race, sexual preference, political preferences and pretty much anything else. It’s a community where freedom of expression is not only tolerated but strongly encouraged and a must. Where emotions are welcome and they can never be too tender, too loud, too strong, too honest, too intense.
Bernie and Jim and 200 more people have a genuine interest in me. The really listen to me and feel me. They are genuinely interested in who I am – and I am so different from them. For 18 years now I have not experienced any abuse. Yes, there were abusive moments with Otto for example or with others. Most of the time it’s just because we don’t know better and in the end we all haven’t had the best teachers on living all out when growing up, so it’s expected to hit a bumpy road sometimes. When we have an abusive moment we usually talk freely about the situation, listen to each other, learn from them and become better with each other. And then it’s really not abusive after all.

I truly live in an environment that’s only building, lifting and nourishing to me in ways I couldn’t even imagine. And this environment is created this way by Bernie and Jim and their phenomenal work. And I live in this environment now for 18 year – yeah!! And this is why my problem is so huge. I live in this great environment and sometimes I feel numb to it. I can’t feel how much I am loved. I can’t feel how great I am. I can’t feel how free I can really be, how high I can shoot with what I want for myself and others. Being in an environment that doesn’t know death is like having no problems but being numb to it is a really huge problem.

I am thankful that I am aware of this numbness. I saw so many people walk away from this heavenly life for the most stupid reasons and I believe each person that walked away was numb to how much loved they were. They simply couldn’t let it in. I am thankful that I know there is more for me to let in and much more aliveness for me to feel and I am excited about it. I love my life and I am so thankful to Bernie and Jim for creating an environment without discrimination, without ranks and cliques, without jealousy and competition, without games and without abuse. I never thought this existed but now I am living in the middle of it and I am learning more every day on how to let it in. 

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I am going through a painful divorce!

I am currently going through a painful divorce. Yesterday I thought I had made it through it emotionally but today the pain started all over again. We feel attracted to each other, we lived a great long love story – in fact it was the first love I can remember ever having. We did go through many adventures together. But now when we meet there is the initial excitement and later only after a couple of minutes of interacting I feel the pain and I know I shouldn’t have gone there.

The divorce I am going through is with chocolate. I’ve had chocolate all my life. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with chili and chocolate with exotic fruits. Every day I had some kind of chocolate. Now it’s over. I see chocolate and it reminds me of all the wonderful tasty chocolate moments I had but when I only have a small taste now it’s just sweet, it no longer has the delicious taste I remember and it drives me crazy.

I don’t like that I am changing into a ‘I can’t tolerate chocolate person’. I am eating more according to what builds my body and according to what gives me energy and this makes me more conscious. I am more and more alert to what foods build my body and what foods don’t. I am becoming a conscious physically immortal person who can’t abuse myself. Not with chocolate, not with unhealthy relationships, not with laziness, not with burning myself out, not with negativity, not with self doubt.. My consciousness to building my body is getting stronger all the time. Sometimes I don’t like it because I don’t want to break my old habits. Becoming this more conscious person is like a real divorce from an old self. I can sense strongly that being divorced is going to be much better but at the same time I can’t let go of the old all the way.

Lucky me, I have Bernie and Jim around me who give me a taste of what it’s like to build my body in every way every day. When I am around them I can feel the higher frequency of me living this real physically immortal life. It’s exhilarating and satisfying. It knows no struggle and pain and divorce is not necessary because we don’t form any relationships with anything that is destructive to begin with. I love my life!!


Breaking the biggest conspiracy in the world – that you have to die…

Today I went to visit my horse Lucky who is boarded by my friend Jo. Jo is very dear to me and on my way home I stopped to talk to her for a little bit while she was cleaning stalls. We started out talking about her break-up with her ex-boyfriend and how this break-up had made her stronger and a better person. I mentioned to her “Imagine you would never die and how you could become better and better without an end – wouldn’t that be amazing!” She liked it but then thought about her grandmother, who is in her 90ies. Her grandmother had had a wonderful happy life and she now doesn’t want it to end but her body is getting weaker and weaker and it seems like there definitely will be an end to her life probably sooner than later. Jo was sad about this and doubted that it was possible that the body could live without an end.

This is what most people feel. They feel that they have to die and that they have no choice about it.

But think about this… no one really never gives us a chance to even think that we have a choice. No one ever teaches us how to build our bodies. No one! We don’t learn how to eat to build our bodies. We don’t learn how to exercise to build our bodies. We don’t learn how to be together and stay together in a way that builds our bodies. We don’t learn how to work in a way that builds our bodies and so on. We don’t learn anything on how to build our bodies ever – period.

Look at eating for an example. Most eating we learn is to soothe our emotions, to survive and to make it through the day. Or we learn how to overeat when we come together for holidays, weddings or birthdays. But definitely we don’t learn how to eat to nourish and build our bodies so that we are healthy and strong.

Then let’s look at exercising. Exercising should make us be stronger and healthier. But in most cases it rather is destructive to our bodies. We learn how to build strength to defend our countries. We learn how to build our bodies to look good for the other sex. Or we learn how to train to win a gold medal in the Olympics. And in the end we get married, get gold medals or win other competitions but our bodies get worn out while doing it. We push ourselves to break limits while going through pain and often injure ourselves while doing it. If we go too far in it we tear our bodies down without return. Yes, no-one really teaches us how to exercise and eat in a way that builds our bodies.

We also never learn how to feel our bodies. In most cases we get taught to be tough and to not feel. And later we can be sick and we only know it when it’s already serious and we have to do complicated tests to find out what’s wrong with us. But if we would have learned how to feel our bodies we would know early on when we have the first symptoms and we could give our doctor direction on where to look instead of the other way around.

And then when growing up no-one seems to be able to teach us anything about a health emotional life. One of the most common emotions around is also the most unhealthy emotion. No-one seems to have a clue on how to get rid of it. One of the most unhealthy emotions is the one we experience with separation from people we care about. Separation makes people loose their heart to live. And no one teaches us when we grow up how to stay together with boosting each others lives and bodies, feeling fulfilled while doing it. The one thing we learn is how to put up rules with each other. These rules then make us feel boxed in and we feel like we can’t breath and intimacy has to come with compromise and sacrifice. And in the end separation seems like the only way out. But while separating we get our hearts broken and we don’t want to live so much anymore. Or we don’t separate but shut down and compromise in the name of love. What a stupid concept. In the end we really need to be able to be together and build each other’s bodies emotionally, physically, and in all ways without any sacrifice and compromise. If we want to be emotionally healthy, we need to be able to do exactly this.

And then finally even if we start building our bodies through exercise, food, wonderful things we treat ourselves with, build each other in intimacies, we still have to overcome guilt. It’s the guilt you feel when you feel really good and it’s so good that you think now it has to end. But the truth is it doesn’t have to end. It’s really just a start on how good you can feel. This guilt has been programmed into us forever.

We wonder why we feel guilty but it’s really no mystery. There is pretty much not even one religion on this planet that wants the body to live. There are thousands of religions that teach many different things but all of them have in common that they don’t want you to treat your body well. They don’t want your body nourished. Especially not just for the sake of being nourished. In fact they usually want you to burn yourself out for a cause. All kinds of causes but you need to sacrifice yourself to make it happen. None of them tells you to treat yourself well first and because you treat yourself well and you build your body a better place is guaranteed for you and the one’s around you.

I asked Jo “Imagine if your grandmother would have been in an environment where she would have been supported to eat in a way that builds her body, to exercise in a way that builds her body, where she wouldn’t have to experience separation from people she cared about. Wouldn’t she be physically in a great shape now in her 90ies and wouldn’t she be able to live for many more years to come?”

I feel it would be the biggest accomplishment for Jo’s grandmother if she would live for many more years to come so that Jo wouldn’t have to experience her loss ever. I feel it is the biggest accomplishment if the body is well and healthy and strong and vibrant and with a lot of soul and passion and with no end in sight. I feel this is what religions should teach. 

I want to live in a world where people come together to build each other. Where people give up their religion, their political party, their race because they find it more important to build one another.

The wonderful thing is that I don’t have to wait for this world. I am already living right in the middle of it. Bernie and Jim are creating it every day. And now I am co-creating it with them. The best thing I could ever wish for myself when growing up is co-creating a world for myself and others where we don’t have to die. It’s the best adventure ever. Come and co-create this unlimited life with us. Check us out at PeopleUnlimitedInc.com


I have no end

I am 53 years alive and I feel I have no end. Most people don’t believe it’s possible and they only will start being curious if they see people over 100 fully active, healthy, strong, working, engaged with what they feel important and seeing a future for themselves. 53 years alive feels like very little yet and I can’t wait to celebrate my 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, etc. birthday. The more years the better. Every year I am adding has been so rich and each year becomes richer not perfect but richer with people who fulfill desires that I didn’t even know I had. Sexual satisfaction is nothing compared to the deep intimacy I experience with more and more people.

Sometimes I want to hide not because something bad is happening but mostly because so many good things are happening. When this happens I just tell myself it’s great and I can handle much more. So bring it on. Come join us at People Unlimited and be one of these people who lives this amazing life without an end, overcoming the programming of death. It’s the best. I really recommend it.

BernaDeane: “I feel good and it’s because I am getting more real’

At our People Unlimited event last night I heard BernaDeane say: “I feel great”. This was an “I feel great” that I could really feel. I hear people say “I feel great” all the time but it’s superficial. It’s the feeling great on the surface. Most people don’t even dare to feel everything they feel. They dismiss it. After a while they don’t even know anymore what is they are feeling and they replace it with goals and images which have nothing to do with real feelings after all. And the real feelings end up being shoved into the unconscious. What a shame.

When Bernie said “I feel great” yesterday, I could feel that it was all the way. I could feel her body tremble, like you tremble when you get overtaken by a wonderful emotion. I felt her body shine. I could see an intensity in her eyes that told me she was not avoiding anything and what she was telling was the truth. And then Bernie said “I feel great because I go with the truth” and then she continued “the truth that the body doesn’t have to die”. It’s the most suppressed truth. If you say it you may be called crazy, ignorant, in a cult.

Most people on this planet don’t experience that the body doesn’t have to die as their truth but nevertheless it’s the truth. I know that it is because the more I give my body credit that I can live unlimited without ever having to experience death, the more I shine, the more alive I get, the more my emotions wake up, the more I become this vaster person I want to be, the more I experience a virtue that usually is only related to religion. I am not religious and have never been. It’s just me, my body which experiences this virtue and it’s a wonderful feeling. It makes me feel great! I agree with Bernie everyone should have this experience of feeling great. Check us out for yourself and come to one of our events in Scottsdale – email me to find out where: dontdie4@gmail.com


I love my life with People Unlimited!

About 3 weeks ago I decided to write this blog dedicated to my feelings with People Unlimited and BernaDeane and Jim Strole. When I am at People Unlimited I have feelings I have nowhere else and they deserve to be talked about. I feel everything that’s good and new should be talked about in a loud manner. So here I am blogging about these feelings. We need new feelings, feelings that make us feel great about ourselves. The more I attend People Unlimited meetings, the more I feel great about myself. It sounds like something so easy to do and why should this be ‘new’? But have you ever had one full month with feeling simple good about yourself? Not about what you accomplished, not about what you have, not about other people, no, simply feeling great about yourself. Great without having to be different, great right now with everything you feel, exactly how you look, who you know, how much money you have and make, and so on. Simply good about everything.

This is the feeling that I haven’t learned anywhere else but at People Unlimited. So stay tuned. You’ll find out more how it unfolds every single day. It’s an adventure. It’s unpredictable alive and spontaneous. There are new turns around the corner every day and I like my life like that. And the best is that I see no end to this life.

I like spending money!

I love spending money and I love making it!

I love spending money from the first moment I had my own money in my hand. I don’t remember how old I was but I remember my first 50 pfenning (about a quarter) which I had received from my parents. When I received it I felt the immediate bliss of the possibilities it meant. At that time I used it to go straight to the bakery and buy myself ‘6 mohrenkoepfe’ – a mohrenkopf is soft sweet creamy egg white on a waffle wrapped in delicious dark chocolate. For the following years of my life a lot of my money went straight to them. It was so much fun having a bag of these delicious sweets in my hand and eating these mohrenkoepfe one by one on my way home from the bakery. 

Now I don’t spend my money on mohrenkoepfe any longer but I still feel the same bliss when I make it. I would love to triple the money I am making, since there simply never seems to be enough of it and I don’t see an end to spending it. Both – making and spending it is so much fun and life giving. It definitely adds to the blissful feeling that sees me living without an end. Money is great and I always want a lot of it. I want to spend it on Bernie and Jim and their company People Unlimited. I love paying them because they bring me the biggest bliss of all; helping me have deep and meaningful connections with the most interesting people in the world. Enjoying these connections is the biggest bliss I am experiencing right now. Where eating mohrenkoepfe had a limit  – I could never eat more than 6 before they made me feel sick –  having deep connections and interactions with people has no limit and it never makes me feel sick. It actually is the most uplifting experience there is. 

I love my life and I will never end it. In fact today is my 53rd birthday and I can’t wait for the next 1,000 years to come. Every single year gets better and more enjoyable and I am planning to keep making more money ever year to come. Working intensively for my money is as much fun as spending it so I am never stopping to work either. What a wonderful future to look forward to.

I want to become a more unlimited person

Today I felt somehow not in the flow and down. It was weird to feel this way after having experienced such an amazing experience in Israel just a couple of days ago. I wasn’t sure if it is the jet lag or something else. I just felt tired and I had a hard time focusing. After attending Dimitri’s stretching class I spoke to Inbal. Both Inbal and Dimitri are People Unlimited members and don’t see an end to themselves and both of them feel me unlimited. I know that they feel me unlimited just from how they are with me. They don’t even have to say a word and they make me feel unlimited in their presence. 

When talking to Inbal I started feeling what made me feel so down. After experiencing such an expansion in Israel, it felt weird to go back to my job routine where everyone is stressed out and where I don’t have the flow I would love to have with everyone I work with. After experiencing such an amazing flow with so many people in Israel I felt small in my daily routine. It felt good to feel it. I am so thankful that I have people in my life that appreciate me so much that it is easy to get in touch with what is bothering me. I don’t even have to fix anything at the moment. Just feeling that my current routine feels too small makes me feel better.

It’s a call from myself to myself to become a larger person.

I don’t know what this ‘larger’ person will look like but it feels good to feel it. I am so thankful that I can long for feeling larger. Most people I know long for a larger home, a better car, more money, being healthier, getting more fit, a marriage, children, etc. But I know very few who long for becoming larger people. I feel becoming larger is the most exciting of all the things I could want. If I become a larger person I will have a bigger house, more money and many more things that I don’t even know I can have. Best of all I will be able to connect to more people in an unlimited way. I will be clearer and sharper in my communications making a better flow happen where ever I am. Let’s do it together and expand together to become larger people. http://www.peopleunlimitedinc.com

The People Unlimited Event in Israel was Phenomenal!

The People Unlimited event in Israel with Bernie and Jim was phenomenal. I’ve never met anyone else in the world – and I’ve met thousands of people – other than Bernie and Jim who can bring people together in a way that causes a whole new unlimited world to arise. The key to this unlimited world is that Bernie and Jim inspire us to connect with each other in our bodies. Not through a believe system, not through an image, not through unconditional love but through adoring each other as the physical bodies we are.

I learned that I am my body and that my spirit doesn’t live on when I die when I saw my grandma suffer a stroke. After her brain not receiving oxygen for a small period of time, my grandmother completely changed personalities. Nothing of the person I had known before the stroke remained. My grandma became a completely different person. She didn’t have the grace she had had before. Her language changed. The topics she talked about became bitchy and annoying. Her interests were different. Simply everything about her was different. The spirit of her that I had liked so much was gone. And all of that triggered by oxygen not reaching her brain for only a couple of minutes. After seeing the change in my grandma I knew I am my body and my spirit is my body and I better treat myself well if I want to be inspiring and spirited.

One of the most nourishing moments I had in Israel was when Jim requested that we would feel his flesh. It ended all the discussions around right and wrong. It simply allowed us to shine in each other’s presence as the phenomenally different individuals we are. There was no longer the need to figure out all the rules and right and wrongs of togetherness.

In those moments being with each other becomes simple. The struggle ends. And it’s a truly unlimited experience. I feel so blessed with each person who joins this life because they feel it’s them. I have found several people in Israel with whom I connected that way and I feel we have no end together. I can’t wait to see them again – some of them already at our People Unlimited Summer Celebration Event in San Diego – http://www.peopleunlimitedinc.com.

Feeling another person’s body is invigorating

Most people associate feeling another person’s body with sexuality and sensuality. But when we put a hand on a person’s shoulder or arm when they feel stressed they relaxed. A handshake is a contact through which people get to know each other. The firmness of the handshake immediately communicates if a person feels comfortable with you and with themselves.

For me feeling other people’s body has been my number one stress releaver. I experience a lot of anxiety but it is so much less now compared to what it used to be. I used to feel anxiety pretty much all the time. Each time I drove to work I felt fear. Each time I went to school I had fear. I was anxious around my friends. Sometimes it was so strong that I had a hard time breathing and to keep my thoughts straight.

When I was studying at the University of Munich I earned extra money with being a night hostess in overnight trains. One day I had worked all night and then had the day off in a town somewhere in Northern Germany that I had never been to before. When I woke up after sleeping for a couple of hours I experienced extreme anxiety. This is when I did it for the first time. I laid on the bed in the afternoon and just started to feeling the people around me. I just felt their bodies. I didn’t have to know who they were and what they were doing. I just felt the bodies of the people I heard in the street, in the inn I stayed at and of the people I couldn’t hear but knew they were around. Like you can feel a dog or a cat or an angry person or a happy person, I just opened myself to feeling the people around me and it relaxed me. I started to feel blood running through my veins again and my breathing became normal and the anxiety was gone. Sometimes I remember this great experience and I do it again. Each time it lifts my spirits and I feel better even if I don’t have anxiety.

I like People Unlimited and the owners Bernie and Jim so much because they build this physical connection between people. Most people build connection through liking the same things, falling in love and starting a family, religion, spirituality but I have never met anyone who just builds the connection of the body. Bernie and Jim do exactly that and it has been just right for me.

When I simply give to feeling the people around me still relaxes me. It relaxes me when I fly and it helps me through the days in my high stress job. When I feel a person’s body it seems like they can’t lie and play games, they can just be themselves. They might feel confused, tense, angry, frustrated but it’s who they are at the moment and it relaxes me to just feel them and to not put much more meaning to it. Even the most ego driven self righteous person still has a heart that beats and blood that flows through their veins. Feeling their bodies helps me to not react to them and I can keep my joy.

Most people at work are tense all the time and it is a blessing that I found Bernie and Jim and Otto and many others who feel joyful and flowing and not tense and stressed out. Being physically connected with unlimited people on a daily basis is the most invigorating experience I’ve ever had much beyond getting over an anxiety attack. Try it out yourself. Spend a day with feeling other people’s bodies especially if you don’t get along with them. Come and be with me at a People Unlimited event and find out how incredibly invigorating it is to be around people who are dedicated to building the physical connection between each other. You will see it will be the most invigorating experience for you as well.