I like spending money!

I love spending money and I love making it!

I love spending money from the first moment I had my own money in my hand. I don’t remember how old I was but I remember my first 50 pfenning (about a quarter) which I had received from my parents. When I received it I felt the immediate bliss of the possibilities it meant. At that time I used it to go straight to the bakery and buy myself ‘6 mohrenkoepfe’ – a mohrenkopf is soft sweet creamy egg white on a waffle wrapped in delicious dark chocolate. For the following years of my life a lot of my money went straight to them. It was so much fun having a bag of these delicious sweets in my hand and eating these mohrenkoepfe one by one on my way home from the bakery. 

Now I don’t spend my money on mohrenkoepfe any longer but I still feel the same bliss when I make it. I would love to triple the money I am making, since there simply never seems to be enough of it and I don’t see an end to spending it. Both – making and spending it is so much fun and life giving. It definitely adds to the blissful feeling that sees me living without an end. Money is great and I always want a lot of it. I want to spend it on Bernie and Jim and their company People Unlimited. I love paying them because they bring me the biggest bliss of all; helping me have deep and meaningful connections with the most interesting people in the world. Enjoying these connections is the biggest bliss I am experiencing right now. Where eating mohrenkoepfe had a limit  – I could never eat more than 6 before they made me feel sick –  having deep connections and interactions with people has no limit and it never makes me feel sick. It actually is the most uplifting experience there is. 

I love my life and I will never end it. In fact today is my 53rd birthday and I can’t wait for the next 1,000 years to come. Every single year gets better and more enjoyable and I am planning to keep making more money ever year to come. Working intensively for my money is as much fun as spending it so I am never stopping to work either. What a wonderful future to look forward to.


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