The People Unlimited Event in Israel was Phenomenal!

The People Unlimited event in Israel with Bernie and Jim was phenomenal. I’ve never met anyone else in the world – and I’ve met thousands of people – other than Bernie and Jim who can bring people together in a way that causes a whole new unlimited world to arise. The key to this unlimited world is that Bernie and Jim inspire us to connect with each other in our bodies. Not through a believe system, not through an image, not through unconditional love but through adoring each other as the physical bodies we are.

I learned that I am my body and that my spirit doesn’t live on when I die when I saw my grandma suffer a stroke. After her brain not receiving oxygen for a small period of time, my grandmother completely changed personalities. Nothing of the person I had known before the stroke remained. My grandma became a completely different person. She didn’t have the grace she had had before. Her language changed. The topics she talked about became bitchy and annoying. Her interests were different. Simply everything about her was different. The spirit of her that I had liked so much was gone. And all of that triggered by oxygen not reaching her brain for only a couple of minutes. After seeing the change in my grandma I knew I am my body and my spirit is my body and I better treat myself well if I want to be inspiring and spirited.

One of the most nourishing moments I had in Israel was when Jim requested that we would feel his flesh. It ended all the discussions around right and wrong. It simply allowed us to shine in each other’s presence as the phenomenally different individuals we are. There was no longer the need to figure out all the rules and right and wrongs of togetherness.

In those moments being with each other becomes simple. The struggle ends. And it’s a truly unlimited experience. I feel so blessed with each person who joins this life because they feel it’s them. I have found several people in Israel with whom I connected that way and I feel we have no end together. I can’t wait to see them again – some of them already at our People Unlimited Summer Celebration Event in San Diego –


3 thoughts on “The People Unlimited Event in Israel was Phenomenal!

  1. VERY TRUE, My feeling is that Bernie and Jim have a UNLIMITED PASSION – LOVE & caring for people and for us to come together!!!


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