My great routine is not enough…

I love my life at home in the Phoenix/Cave Creek/Scottsdale area. I love my routine because I love the people I have it with. I love Otto who I live with. I love him because he is very open with his feelings, with what he wants and because he is passionate about others, because I can face everything with him and avoid nothing and because he simply feels good all-around and everywhere.

I love Bernie who is so passionate about creating a flow between people. There are so many reasons to get hurt and to stop the flow between each other. In fact I see reasons for being hurt everywhere. I have seen people get their feelings hurt a thousand of times for reasons that are real and other times for reasons that are not so real. People can be mean, stingy, self centered, aggressive and even violent and very hurtful. And then you can get your feelings hurt because someone uses the wrong tone, says the wrong thing at the wrong time or is simply very different from you.

I love Bernie because she is the person in my daily routine who cuts through all the hurt feelings and pain and inspires me to have a flow. She inspires me to overcome the biggest hurt feelings and making the other person and a flow with them more important. At the same time I see her inspire others to be connected and go beyond their hurt feelings. With so much craziness in the world and so much hurt, it is a miracle that I can have a real flow with so many people and not experience separation, being shut off and struggle.

I love my routine because I have Jim in my life who inspires me with his vision of a world where people feel their value and stand up for themselves and others so that we don’t have to die and don’t want to die. I love Jim because he always has the bigger vision. When I have a hard time at work or when I have a conflict with someone, he always gives me the bigger vision which helps me go beyond it.

And then there are so many others who make my daily routine so wonderful…There is Joe and Kevin and Ilana and Isa and Zohara and Giselle and lots of more people who stand up to be themselves, who create deep connections with others and who make my life so rich every day. These are all the reasons my routine is so great.

Where before, I loved going on trips and vacations and travel, now I have a hard time leaving my routine. I just don’t want to leave. So now I am in Israel. Where there are so many countries with war and violence and very little value for human life, Israel is the one country where people live so close to each other who experience so much accumulated and compounded hurt. Even though there is no active war here in Tel Aviv, I can feel the tension in the air. I know it’s 10 times stronger in Jerusalem where some of the most extreme religions are within walking distance of each other.

Now I am here in Israel for a People Unlimited event and I know my great routine at home would be dull if I wouldn’t go out to work with Bernie and Jim to have more people go beyond these deep hurt feelings so that they can connect. I’d wish I could travel the world and find people everywhere who have a great flow with each other where the hurt feelings are gone and people treat each other well and there is no pain. This is the world I want to live in and I am happy to leave my routine for it at any time.


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