We don’t die and it’s real

I traveled to Israel yesterday to attend an event with Bernadeane and Jim Strole and I am sitting in the rented apartment overlooking the ocean writing this blog while the sun comes up. We are in Tel Aviv, it’s Monday morning and we have a couple of days just to be with all the exciting unlimited people here in Israel before the event starts. I am traveling with Zohara whom I had met in Israel at a People Forever event in 1994 – and she is amazing.

Same as me, Zohara moved to the U.S. to be part of People Unlimited in Scottsdale in 1996. Now, 20 years after I met her, she looks much better. Zohara was born in 1957 and her skin is the one of a teenager. She looks attractive and if I weren’t with Otto I would ask her out on a date and I have never even dated a woman. She is funny and excited exploring Tel Aviv back for the first time after having moved away 18 years earlier.

I believe re-incarnation really works because Zohara is like a reincarnated version of who she was when I first met her in 1994. Yes, her hair is still black but there is nothing else about her that is the same. There is nothing left of the sadness in her eyes she had when I first met her, there is nothing left of the struggling person living in a one room place (you can’t even call it studio) she lived in then. There is nothing left of the frustration of the day-to-day grind she had felt then. She is simply a new person with the same name and the same hair color but with everything else new. She is vibrant now and her skin is shiny. Her eyes are alive and eager to explore an Israel that had been her home then but seems like a new foreing country to explore now. 

I am blessed to be with her and she is such a living example of how we can be unlimited without an end in our bodies – contrary to the believe of most people in this world.

Friday night I talked with a person who had come to a People Unlimited event for the first time and he mentioned that he doesn’t believe that the body can live without an end. He sees everyone around him aging and dying and there is just not one reason that makes him think it was possible. Seeing Zohara 20 years after first meeting her and seeing her so much better in every way is such an example of unlimited living. I feel Zohara will be forever with me and I will have many more touching moments with her in 20, 50 and 100 years.

We are only a small number of people all over the world creating this unlimited life with Bernie and Jim but what we do actually works. And it’s so much fun! And it’s so satisfying and it’s so worth it. Most people I see 20 years after first meeting them are not looking better, they usually have gained weight, their skin has a little bit of a grey tone, they walk a little bended over and the eyes that once excited anticipating a lot of great things for themselves have lost that sparkle just going through the motion of every day busyness. I love my life and I am so thankful I found Bernie and Jim to inspire me to take a different route and not go the route most people go. I’d wish there would be so many more people joining us on the great endeavor. How wonderful would this world be if the people we love are actually getting better with every year. I can’t imagine there could be anything better!!!


4 thoughts on “We don’t die and it’s real

  1. Beautifully written Susana. I have the same experience about you and Zohara, you both are physically immortal, beautiful and healthy. I share with you this amazing living. Have a wonderful time in Israel, finding more people who want to share this life with us and http://www.people-unlimited-inc.com/
    Love you both! Rosy


  2. Dear Sweet Susanna,
    Your musings touch me. I can tell you are so open to living now and being present with Zohara and life itself. You are the embodiment of our forever life. What you say about Zohara is so true about You! I feel the wonder you have in living your life! Your words speak about your excitement about living and learning and growing in every moment! When I am with you, I see your eyes sparkle and feel your passion for living in everything you do and in our interaction together. I love how open you are to me and to all who are a part of your life! You and I are the Body Electric together with Bernie and Jim and all of our people! I love our life together! How wonderful that you are in Israel expanding our living. I saw you on the internet today when I tuned into our event. What a miracle that we are so connected and are thousands of miles apart right now. But our hearts are united through People Unlimited and our Forever Life. GLow on, Dear One. Keep expanding who you are. You do it for me and I do it for you. Together, we are not only unlimited. We are Life itself and are magnetizing people who will be with us to live forever peacefully, lovingly, joyfully, and passionately.

    I love you. Thank you for your blog and for your passion.


  3. Wow – this is so inspiring. Your intimacy and personal feelings uplift me. I love the way you feel unlimited with Zohara and more than hundred other unlimited people.


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