50,000 Reasons to Never Die and Live Unlimited

1. Never dying is so much fun.

2. It feels so freaking good.

3. It’s so wonderful to get close to people and you never leave them and they never leave you.

4. There is enough time to do everything you ever wanted

5. There is so much time you can do new things you never thought you would

6. You can meet so many interesting people not just superficially but have a real in-depth connection

7. You can overcome any insecurity about anything you might experience

8. You become a better person in unlimited ways.

9. I am sure you will become famous at some point

10. You can make so much money.

11. When you loose your money, you can make it again

12. You just look good.

13. You are cared for by lots of others who know you are irreplaceable and cherish your life

14. You never have to feel alone.

15. You have Bernadeane with you who’s genius is to be so intimate with you that you definitely will never feel alone

16. You have Jim Stole with you who will inspire you to overcome insecurities that are so unconscious, that you never even imagined you had them but they limit you every day.

There are 49,984 more reasons but will have to tell you about them another day. For now check out www.peopleunlimitedinc.com for more reasons or come tonight to an even in Scottsdale, AZ for even more reasons.


A cloudy day is a sunny day…

Bernie many times says ‘A cloudy day is a sunny day for me’. Today was such a day for me. Even though there were only a few clouds on the sky, it felt like a cloudy day, since my dog – Kandy – ran away. I didn’t know if I would ever see her again. At 4 p.m. I took my dog for a walk through the beautiful desert. It’s March here in Arizona and the desert is green and the cacti are starting to bloom. After a mile or so walking I let my dog of the leash. She loves running and it felt great watching her sniffing everything while walking next to me. And then it happened…. when I called her to come closer, she decided to go the other way. Instead of being back on the leash, she rather felt to keep hunting exciting smells. Even though she had taken off a couple of times from our house, she had always come back when taking her on walks. Today it was different. She completely disappeared. After over an hour of looking for her, it  started to get dark and I had no choice but to go back home. It was a scary moment since we had been a couple of miles away from home and I didn’t know if I would ever see her again. The good news is, she found her way back and came running to our house later that evening. The bad news is, she was full of cactus spines. They were in her mouth, in her paws, on her belly, pretty much everywhere, so she had to go to the dog emergency room to get them removed. During this experience I was worried about her, hated that she would just take off and then at the end it was also sad to see her in so much pain. It was not a great situation but now I am so thankful that I can have wonderful exciting days and days that are not so great and all of it makes me feel so thankful I am alive. I am thankful that I can experience something not very good and that I have people around me that hold me through it. When telling Otto that Kandy had run away, he just calmed me down and just made me feel good. I also know that I have a lot of people – beyond my intimate partner – who think about me and feel me every day. I can feel their presence and it makes me feel like being held and safe in the most scary situation. I know I will always find my way through difficult situations because I am not alone. I can’t imagine a more beautiful day like today after all.

Check us out at www.peopleunlimitedinc.com


Living Unlimited – Today Again…

Have you ever received something you wanted for a long time and when you actually got it, it freaked you out? It happens to me all the time. I get lots of things I really want, just because I go for them in a straight way and it’s usually successful. But I have a problem when I actually get it. It seems like it doesn’t fit in how I perceive myself. I usually do not perceive myself as someone who can create pretty easily. And when I get what I went for and what I wanted I freak out. As if it’s too good to be true. e.g. I am getting great feedback on this blog. This is great because one of the reasons I write it is to inspire people to live better and be better and feel unlimited. I have had several people tell me that they like my blog and that it has inspired them. Driving home from our People Unlimited meeting after receiving lots of great feedback I am freaked out. I want to play it down in me and pretend I am not noticed. And I want to feel down for a couple of days and I definitely do not want to continue blogging. Even though I got great feedback I doubt that the next blogs will be inspiring and I feel I probably should take a break until I make sure I can write something really special again. This is of course all bullshit. The purpose of my blog is about my every day physically immortal life and not just about a ‘special’ blog. So here I am writing my next blog.

This has happened to me many times, when something really good happened I feel I have to sit back for a while to get back to normal and then can go for the next great thing again. Today I feel why sit back. Why not live all out all the time. I can take a lot of more great thing. E.g. it would be great if I would meet a lot of people who want to life an unlimited life with me, Bernadeane and Jim. I just love being inspired so much. And it’s the most inspiring when people go for an unlimited life and actively involve themselves with all of us creating it.

Check us out at www.peopleunlimitedinc.com

Physical Immortality is Possible

25 years ago I didn’t think people had the option not to die and I didn’t even want it even if I could. A friend of mine told me then: ‘Live one week of your life as if you never had an end and see how you like it.’ I took his challenge and I did like that week. I felt if my life was unlimited, I could work out all issues I felt I had at the time. I felt if I were never to die I would have time to get everything I wanted. The entire week I felt like being on a high. 2 years later I met Bernadeane,  Chuck Brown and Jim Stole. 3 people who are not dying and who feel I didn’t have to die either. 3 people who feel to create a world without death. At that time I still didn’t feel that my life was unlimited but I was so excited about the idea that I became a People Forever member and when People Forever was dissolved I became a People Unlimited member.

Now 23 years later I feel different. I feel I am not going to die. It’s a feeling that’s exciting and you will only know it if you give to living unlimited and if you have people around you that don’t want you to die. For centuries we have been told we need to die and we see no one who lives unlimited in our every day life. Most people don’t even live to be one hundred and I know no one who lived longer than 120 years. So it’s not a surprise that I felt I had no option in the matter and had to die like everyone else.

Now 25 years after first being introduced to physical immortality and 23 years after meeting people who see me unlimited, I have completely changed. I feel my cells have redirected themselves and are no longer headed towards death. I feel great. I don’t understand why there are not more people who go for it. But I guess if you don’t know what you don’t know you might not give it a chance. So if you, like me 25 years ago, feel you have to die and think it’s a good thing, give it a try and live one week as if you had no end. If you like it there is a whole community waiting for you. Www.peopleunlimitedinc.com

Live Unlimited – Don’t Die – Why does helping others not work…

In the past couple of days I was lucky to be part of 2 conversations. One was Friday night during our Unlimited Event and the other one was part of a phone hook-up with People Unlimited members in Israel who are preparing for an event in Israel a couple weeks from now. I want to share what I got out being part of them. I have spent hours and hours of my life thinking about people I love who were struggling with something trying to find a solution for them. Sometimes I they wanted to make more money or have less stress with paying bills or they wanted to have a better flow with their life partner or they wanted to loose weight quicker or I felt them distant from me and really wanted to feel closer. It is sometimes painful for me to see people I care about struggle and not getting what they are longing for.

In the past I have burnt myself out over other people’s problems and even worse, what ever I did rarely made anything better. All the hours I spent – most of them in my head – were unsuccessful. People have to come up with their own answers. The only thing that ever helped was just showing them how intensely I cared for them and how much I felt that they are valuable to me.

Now I decided that I will never ever try to figure out other people’s problems again. I will talk to them directly, be all out with my feelings for them and then let go and move on. Keeping it new and enjoyable. I will never repeat myself ever again and again to help someone understand a point I am making. I will never again run after people thinking I could do something for them they really didn’t want. I will find people who like my contributions and when I do not get responses, I will take it as a sign that I should go somewhere else where I can get the responses I am looking for. I feel like a load has been lifted from me.

Check us out and find other people like me at http://www.peopleunlimitedinc.com



Friday Night – A Magical Night!!!

 I remember my first personal interaction with Bernie in 1990 at a People Forever event here in Scottsdale. At that time there were over a thousand people that attended from all over the world and I had come with about 120 others from Germany to join. Bernie was one of the leaders then as she is now being co-owner of People Unlimited. In the midst of these 1,000 people I remember having an intimate moment with her. After one of the evening events, I remember standing with Bernie, looking into her eyes. I remember her touching my hand and talking to me intently. I don’t remember the words but I remember that they were full of encouragement. Encouragement that I could go for what I truly feel and that I can have what I want. But there was something else beyond encouragement that made that moment so touching. It was a magic moment where her look into my eyes and her touching my hand wiped all my pain away. Pain that I didn’t even remember having. Pain from separation from boyfriends I really loved. Pain from being German knowing what Germans had done to other human beings only 50 years earlier. I hadn’t done these things, in fact I hadn’t even been born, but just by being German I felt I was responsible somehow and I felt pain just for the fact that so horrible things had been done, some of them by my own family. Pain from always wanting to be close to my friends in a way that they didn’t feel. Pain from feeling estranged from my parents. All that pain was wiped away just by Bernie’s look into my eyes, touch of my hand and her words that I could feel all over my body. At that moment I felt an ease that I had never felt before. I felt I could have the closeness I always wanted with people. And if I could never have it with anyone I knew there was at least one person – Bernie – with whom I experience this intimacy right there and I knew it would last forever. I had never felt that before with anyone. I felt I could be close and intimate without separation. This was what I wanted but I had never been able to experience it. I had given up and shut down these longings.

Now – 24 years later – no longer living in Germany but living here in Scottsdale with my People Unlimited community – I had this moment again tonight….I was so privileged to listen to Bernie speak about the touch we can give to each other that makes us feel whole and helps wipe away all pains. How we can be this touch for each other. For me it’s no longer just a single moment happening once in a while, I am now privileged to experience these moments every day. I am privileged now to live among 120 people who – as part of People Unlimited – are dedicated to build each other and touch each other’s soul. Check us out at PeopleUnlimitedInc.com.  

Most people I know want me to be a certain way. When I grew up my mom and dad wanted me to believe in the same things they did. They wanted me to be tolerant with others, they wanted me to like art and Jazz music and they wanted me to put the family first. In school my teachers wanted me to understand the subjects they taught the same way they did. Very few of them encouraged creative thinking or that we came with our own views and answers. Most people who live in the same social structures want you to feel the same. E.g. people who believe in God want you to believe in God as well or people who don’t believe in God, want you to not believe in God just like them. Or people who like abstract art seldom hang out with people who like traditional art. In the past 53 years I spend a lot of time figuring out how the people I liked wanted me to be. Very often I used all my IQ to understand what they wanted and then I did the best to be like that. With 53 years doing my best I didn’t become better at it. Often I thought so much about how to be when around others that I completely froze and couldn’t say or do anything. People thought I was arrogant, shy or bored when around them. They never thought that I just tried so hard to do the right thing which made me feel so overwhelmed that I looked arrogant, bored or shy. When really I was just making things far too hard for myself.

I am glad that I found 2 people who I like very much – Jim Strole and Bernadeane – who are telling me in their very unique and different way, for over 20 years now, at least 2 times a week, that I am great and needed in my own unique way. And that there is no need to be like others especially not like them. This has been the best experience for me. For over 20 years now I am encouraged to feel myself, to say freely what I feel even if it is very different from what everyone else feels. This has given me the opportunity to experience an intimacy with others that I didn’t know possible. Bernie and Jim have become some of the people I am the most intimate with mostly because we dare to be ourselves and don’t try to make each other what we are not. I have so much every day intimacy with Otto – my boy friend and intimate partner for nearly 20 years now. I am so rich with being so personal now with most people I meet. Overall I learned how to enjoy myself and others especially because we are not the same. 

Now I want to encourage others to be all out with who they are. To dare to feel everything even if it’s different than their parents, boy friend, husband, wife, friends, collegues, etc.. For me it’s now the most exciting to be around people who feel freely who they are and who can freely express it. It makes people so interesting when they are themselves, so valuable! So fun to be with!

Live Unlimited – Don’t Die – My every day adventure – 2

Being physically immortal means to me today that not everything I feel about myself is true. I work in a corporate job and – as most people do – many times I don’t agree with how others approach a certain project, or I have 100 more things on my to-do list as I can address in a given day, or I want to have things go different. Often I work out problems in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. When I meet with my People Unlimited friends I tell them that I am stressed out a lot and this is a topic pretty much every time I see them. I ask them how they are handling stress wanting some clues on how to calm down a little in my crazy work life.

I recently got my hormone’s checked and part of the test they checked my adrenals. And interestingly the results were perfect. My doctor even gave me an A+ for my results and mentioned that she rarely sees this. The line was exactly in the middle of the green. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I definitely thought my adrenals would be burnt considering my intense work life. But after all it just seems that I have a very healthy range of feelings and I am doing great after all. I find that when it comes down to my body I am most of the time more healthy than I think. I see Jim Strole in his 60th and Bernadeane in her 70th and see so much aliveness, vibrancy and health and they just solidify the seemingly impossible feeling I have that it’s in facts real that I don’t have an end to my life. I feel it’s real but sometimes to get confirmation is great.