The most beautiful vacation is not good enough…

Otto and I discovered this wonderful place in the jungle. It’s on the Osa peninsula in Costa Rica. It took a 5 hour direct flight from Phoenix to San Jose, then another 45 minute flight to Puerto Jimenez and then a short car ride to get here.
Only 8 hours to get us from our busy lives in the Phoenix metro area to one of the most untouched primary rain forests on this planet. Now here, we are staying in a luxury lodge where we have our own cabin with a private deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Just sitting on this deck during the first 24 hours of our stay, we’ve seen dozens of scarlet macaws fly by; I’ve seen 2 endangered monkey species play in the trees right in front of us; and I’ve seen lots of more monkeys share coconuts about 5 yards away from where I was sitting.
At the lodge we’ve been treated like in a 5 star resort. There are 45 employees running this lodge and the most guests it can have at a time is 52. We are now 14 guests and we are all getting first class service.
The first day Otto and I took a hike to a waterfall. We stepped down 443 steps that brought us to the Pacific Ocean. Then we walked on a deserted beach for 45 minutes, took a couple of breaks swimming in tight pools and then got to a waterfall. It felt a little scary to stand under the 50 foot high waterfall in the middle of the jungle but it was a magical experience.
I feel I did hit the jack pot with choosing this vacation spot. Everything is from the text book of ‘the perfect vacation’. At least the perfect vacation for me. It was beautiful and so diverse and just amazing.
Otto and I found ourselves at this amazing vacation spot and I was finding that no matter how beautiful it was, this beauty did absolutely nothing for my intimacy with Otto.
We both found that out when we came back from our walk on the beach. Both of us had expectations on how we should be and we did feel light years apart. So we did lay on our king size bed looking over the beautiful ocean and feeling distant from each other. Then we just simply started to talk about it and we started to feel a lot closer really quickly. Lucky us we were both quick to let go of our images and ideas and the intimacy we enjoy so much between us started to flow again.
The truth is that the most intimacy and closeness I have ever experienced was not on a perfect beach or at any other beautiful place in the world. The most closeness and intimacy I have experienced has been with people who feel that they don’t have to die. People who feel the amazing magic of their body. How we can get physically better all the time instead of fading away and dying. It has been with people who don’t just want to be close and intimate with their life partner and a couple of close friends but who want intimacy with lots of people. An intimacy that doesn’t end ever and only gets better and deeper.
Even though I enjoyed our Costa Rica adventure, it felt like nothing of the adventure of getting close to a person who wakes up to their power that they don’t have to die. It’s the richest experience there is and I am so thankful I get to experience people like that a lot.
People Unlimited has been the place where I have found exactly those people. The best times in my life haven’t been on a beautiful beach, or in the middle of amazing wild life, or on a beautiful vacation with Otto, the best times in my life have been with Bernie and Jim and 200 people who don’t feel they have to die.
My best times with Otto have been around People Unlimited events. We usually are able to be more ourselves and can each enjoy each other better for who we really are away from all the images that we were brought up with and free of any ‘male’ or a ‘female’ role. What a wonderful free way of life to be without our images of who we think we should be but being just the amazing physically immortal persons we truly are.


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