The # 1 obstacle every person has to overcome to succeed…

I was in San Diego last week attending the annual People Unlimited Summer Celebration. It’s a one week long event where people come together from all over the world dedicated to creating a human environment without abuse, jealousy, limits, poverty, greed, separation and death. Without all the things that are so unhealthy and cause heart ache, anxiety, stress and depression. A human environment full of passion, where people build each other, genuinely care for each other, walk through conflicts without separating, shutting down or putting each other down. Where people recognize each other’s brilliance and generously boost each other to loose all inhibitions in living it. A human environment full of tenderness and vulnerability the human emotions that are so healing to old pains and sufferings. This is what I spent doing last week and it was phenomenal.

We stayed at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center right across the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. To get to the mall we had to cross a small bridge over a tiny river. It was a short walk and it was fun to go over the bridge. What wasn’t so much fun and literally shocking was looking down to the river. The tiny river was full with trash that no-one bothered to clean up for a long long time. There were bottles, shoes, shopping carts, clothes that had been discarded in it. But it wasn’t the trash that bothered me most, it was the algae that was growing on it. The river was completely covered with inches of algae and you couldn’t even see the water any longer. It just looked as if it was about to turn bad and any living animal in it was about to die with it. I walked over this bridge several times to go strolling through the mall and to go running in the morning. Each time I looked down I saw something surprising. I saw a beautiful turtle on top op some of the trash living in this river. The turtle was covered with algae and it looked very sad and barely surviving. I couldn’t believe that in such a prosperous area with Prada and Giorgio Armani stores only yards away, people could be so ignorant and let a river get so bad. Each time I walked over the bridge and saw the turtle I wanted to safe it. I wanted to grab it and then just find a cleaner area for it to live in. At the same time I knew if I would do just that it might be worse for the turtle and it might simply die because it wouldn’t be accustomed to the clean river and it would get disoriented and most likely die.

The turtle’s situation touched me because it felt so similar to what I was experiencing at the People Unlimited Summer Celebration Event. I was spending my week away from the ‘normal’ human environment where greed, jealousy, suspicion, bitchiness, dishonesty is so normal. We all have hurt feelings from former boyfriends or girlfriends or husbands or wives who left us or who treated us bad or became viscous just because they didn’t know better. Or we may have experienced colleagues or business partners who stabbed us in the back when we didn’t look for a moment or who were jealous because we were so good at what we were doing and they weren’t. Or friends who stopped talking to us because we said the wrong thing. Or mothers and fathers who just simply don’t understand us because they don’t know how. And the list goes on and on and on. Same as the river was polluted the human environment is polluted and I didn’t even mention all the wars that are going on in the world and all the people who don’t have enough to eat. I am just talking about the polluted human environment in the richest country in the world.

When being at the People Unlimited Summer Celebration the human environment wasn’t polluted and clean. But same as animals who you try to put into a clean environment sometimes die because they are not used to it, the number one human reaction to a clean human environment is to reject it. Most people will reject the very person who treats them well because they only experienced so much abuse before and they can’t take it. They will reject the person who praises them and treats them well.

The number 1 obstacle to success is that we often simply reject what’s good for us. Most people can’t even take in a simple compliment and they can definitely not take in the best human environment in the world. During our week-long People Unlimited Summer Celebration I could see myself cringe and stop breathing many times, not because I was treated bad but for the exact opposite because I was treated in the greatest way ever.

I am lucky to recognize the pattern. Even if I cringe and stop breathing I can recognize when someone treats me well. I can thank them for it and I can go with them in it. I can boost the very person who made me cringe because I have experienced that all my success simply comes from going with people who treat me extremely well and I am successful because I have never rejected them. I know I am a better and larger and much happier person for it. I have experienced many many times that when I boost Bernadeane and Jim Strole who are creating this new healthy human environment I only thrive more and get better. I make it a point to pay them well for the work they do because I feel lots of people need to be able to experience it. Instead of going with the cringing I do the opposite and co-create this environment with Bernadeane and Jim Strole to make it bigger and better all the time. I know it’s the clean environment we all need to have a future that is worth while living and I want to live this future with lots and lots of people.
Check us out at and join us at one of our next week long events or weekend events. I would love to see you there.


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