My name is Susanna and I moved to Scottsdale Arizona from Munich, Germany in 1996 to join Bernie and Jim and the international community of unlimited people they are creating. This community is also known as People Unlimited. We are about 150 people here in Scottsdale dedicated to build a life that sees no aging, destruction or death.

Being part of this community has changed me over and over aging in the past 18 years. My blog talks about my everyday life being a People Unlimited member.

From the outside my life might look like anyone else’s life. I live with my boyfriend, Otto, in a cute one family house in Cave Creek. I work as a Account Manager for a medium sized corporation. I own a horse – Lucky and 2 dogs – Kandy and Gipsy. I love traveling.

Even though my life looks pretty normal, once I open my mouth and you hear me talking nothing feel normal any longer. So stay tuned and enjoy my blog… .


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